Nutrient Timing of Carbs and Fats in Bodybuilding

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  • thanks guys, really appreciate your help

  • This assumes people are including carbs in their diet. I personally enjoy the Keto diet.

  • He is saying that you want the cortisol in the morning for fat loss and dont consume carbs in the morning , but after the training consume carbs because you want to shut down cortisol ,for protein synthesis , From a locigal standpoint this is stupid because you dont have protein synthesis only after workout!

  • Wouldn't taking taurine 1 hour before bed also be useful since it would work synergistically with the carbs you take 2 hours before bed ?

  • What if I am working out first thing in the morning? Shouldnt I be having some sort of complex carbs before? I work out at 5:30 am before work. I usaully eat at 4:45am. I have been doing 3 eggs, turkey sausage cooked in coconut oil with a cup of oatmeal. Is it ok to eat carbs then?

  • what if I train/lift first thing in the morning?

  • What if your workout is 60-90 minutes after your first meal? I like to stack my carbs around my workouts, before and after. Should I still not be eating carbs first thing in the morning according to your program?

  • These nutrition videos are amazing.

  • Wait what if your bulking

  • So im gonna stop getting whole eggs and a ton of oatmeal for breakfast, im gonna take them in different hours. Thanks (: love this tv channel

  • So then why do plenty of pros eat carbs with breakfast?

  • So if I sum up the two last vids talkng about carbs:

    – to improve body composition (losing fat while keeping muscles), you shouldn't take carbs post workout not to stop the fat burning process. or can take post workout fast carbs or intra workout but no low glycemic index carbs post workout).
    So if you wanna improve body composition, the best thing to do is no carb or intra or post workout high glycemic carbs (what about breakfast and lunch in this case?)

    -to put on mass, best times to take carbs are pre and post workout.

    I'm bit confused with the carb protocol when you wanna improve body composition (taking all carbs, even low, intra workout seems a bit weird)

    Any help please?

  • is it okay to have salmon with carbs or is this a bad idea for fat loss

  • There is no consistent scientific research or data to support half the claims in this video. Fats post workout will not magically get stored as fat. It may slow down the digestion of concomitant proteins and carbohydrates, but this doesn't mean it somehow gets stored as fat. Also these studies do not show there is any ultimate difference in net muscle protein synthesis.

    Furthermore, fats do not have negative effects on glycogen repletion. Aside from the fact that 90% of people won't train hard enough to deplete more than 50% of available glycogen stores, studies show no difference in 24 hour glycogen content despite modest amounts of fat in a post-exercise meal. Unless you're engaging in two-a-day workout splits or engaging in multiple exercise bouts in a single day, the obsession over glycogen repletion is a non-issue. By the time you're in the gym again, your glycogen stores will be more than repleted.

  • Isn't IGF-1 the highest first thing in the morning? And won't complex carbs inhibit the high IGF-1 levels?
    From what I read, it's best to fast for about 30 minutes to and hour first thing in the morning and just drink water.
    What do you think Ben?

    Also for post workout, will immediate post workout nutrition shut down the high IGF-1 levels post workout? Making waiting about an hour more beneficial for the hormonal response to training?

  • thanks for what you are doing Ben ! I'm learning a lot things that even imagine !

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  • so what would be a high glycemic carb food with low fat to get that insulin spike for muscle building post training?

  • When he says avoid fats and carbs, does that mean avoid beef+rice, or other "fatty protein sources"? What about peanut butter sandwiches on white bread, whole milk and cereal? is there a gram amount of fat you want to stay under in carb containing meals?

  • Wait, what if I work out (lifting weights) right after breakfast? Do I need to have carbs then?? Or would getting up earlier be a better choice, have a no carb breakfast, few hours after that a pre-workout meal with carbs and THEN go wor kout? Which scenario would be better? Or wouldn't it mean any difference?

  • Thank you for the good information,I already know it and use it but its good to hear that is true from real pros!

  • How do I know what percentage of my daily carbs I should be taking after training to replenish glycogen and what part to spread out the rest of the day?

  • this is BS.
    There's nothing wrong with carbs for breakfast, this is the same crap kiefer talks about

  • thanks for the video man :). Quick question: Does the body burn glycogen necessarily for high intensity exercise, or can it burn ketones? In other words, if someone is in a state of ketosis and they lift weights, will they be using ketones, or does the body somehow produce glucose to use for the exercise.

    I am wondering because I have been doing keto for the mental benefits, but also want to gain muscle. Hitting a calorie surplus has been hard given how satiable keto is, so I'm considering introducing carbs. If you confirm that the body does indeed create and burn glyogen even in a generally ketogenic state, it would make me more inclined to add some carbs in.

    The bottom line is that I would like to stay in ketosis and make awesome gains, it just seems harder than with carbs. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks :).

  • My workout is at night because of my work schedule. How am I supposed to make it work?

  • man, I love your educational videos but I've been eating carbs for breakfast for the past 6 weeks as I'm on contest prep and I'm getting super lean. Nothing wrong with breakfast carbs if you match your macro and calorie deficit for the day while on a cut. Time them when you perform and feel better. That's my 2 cents.

  • What about your low nitrogen levels in the morning…