No keto flu for you! Resolve keto flu symptoms in less than 10 minutes.

Ideally, you haven’t jumped into the ketogenic diet overnight and have you slowly lowered your carbs and added fats and were gentle on your body. Click here to watch my video about how to ease into a Ketogenic lifestyle:

But since I know a lot of us will not follow the advice because we’re little rebels and we want to do things our way, here is a piece of advice for you to follow to avoid flu symptoms caused by glycogen depletion in the blood stream:

– Take 2 potassium supplement pills immediately after you start feeling tired, dizzy or your heart starts slowing down or pounding too fast.
– Draw a hot bath and add a few cups (or a whole bag) of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate).
– Grind 5 extra Potassium pills and throw them into the bath tub (these pills are very weak only 99mg when the daily recommendation for potassium by our government is 4,700… not sure if our government studied nutrition or not).
– Sprinkle some magnesium onto your upper arms and rub thoroughly while your bath is drawing.
– Add 40 drops of Trace Minerals onto an 8oz glass of water and drink it.

This will stop your keto flu symptoms in 10 minutes or less. Trust me, I’ve gone through several keto flus and I’ve had my share of trouble.

*I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice, this is just little me sharing my world with you.



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  • lol this is cute. to me it's an overkill. I drink a gaterade or powerade zero and it helps.

  • That seems like a lot though. Chicken broth 8oz works too

  • All the magnesium from the Epson salt soaking in a bath tub is unnecessary all you need to do is take 400-500mg a day. ((Pretty sure it's mg)) but I know that the number is correct

  • Thank you so much. I thought I was dying!!

  • I miss your videos. you help me so much when I began Keto.

  • 10 cups of leafy greens, kale, spinach, parsley or other deep greens with water and stevia in the blender with lemon. It will give you the potassium and magnesium you need. and get you up. Try to get organic..but Epsom salt is a good idea. Also organic bouillon cube yes it has about 1 gram of sugar but it will give you all the sodium you are lacking and not get out of Ketosis

  • that magnesium oil itches!


  • Bath worked!!!!! If I didn't know better I'd thought I was having a heart attack! Bath worked wonders!!!!! Thanks for the tip! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Even easier: squeeze a fresh organic lemon, a heaping teaspoon of Himalayan salt and water. Guzzle it down. Relief !

  • Thanks darlin. New subscriber here from Belgium. I'm a 48 yr old mom and keto'ing for exactly 2 weeks today (down 5kg yay !!) ! ๐Ÿ™‚ You have the sweetest accent btw !

  • I started keto 3 days ago and my keto flu started today, but doesn't seem so bad. Foggy head, headache, unquenchable thirst, killer cravings for carbs. I've been lowcarb/highprotein for more than 9 months. Maybe that's helping the transition? I've been burning body fat pretty well up to now, anyway.
    I'm using an Osteocare brand supplement – includes magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium. The main ingredients of Calcium and Vit D are a bonus. For sodium and potassium, I use a no brand lo-salt.

  • Is mineral water and water with electrolytes two different things? Can I just drink mineral water only on this diet?

  • I heard somewhere that cream of tartar is basically pure potassium –

  • I went off carbs too quickly. Lost a lot of weight. Now battling extreme tiredness ,trying to remember my potassium,and magnesium and lots of Himalayan salt too. But very very tired. Muscles sore too. I'm 72. Love your advice. If you have an answer for me would be grateful. Mwah

  • Why am I still having keto flu symptoms almost 2 months in? Also my mood is going nuts I feel like I could murder someone with my bare hands, what is going on? I don't understand why this is happening, do you have any advice? Also, are there any benefits to me doing this as someone who doesn't need to lose any weight? Its a complicated story as to why I'm doing this but I was told that it helps with healing things like hormonal imbalances which I am prone too. But I'm not feeling much healing and my muscles feel worse now than they did when I started and especially during PMS time. Any ideas?

  • Egg shells have bio available minerals. Their mineral profile is similar to our bones and teeth, and, if you buy eggs, they're free, so just eat them instead of throwing them in the garbage like crazy people.

  • Thank you so much for your wisdom, and words of support and motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you for this video! I am only 3 days into strict keto and I have been eating a lot of vegetables before starting, but even so I felt symptoms of headache and a little low energy this morning. After I saw your video I ran off to buy potassium supplement and feel much better. I had of coursa a lot of spinach and avocado too, but the supplement took care of it quickly.! And today I bought ketostix and I am in moderate ketosis and I am happy!!!!!!

  • What type of potassium and dosage is recommended if breastfeeding twice a day?

  • The title of your video is funny! (I currently have keto flu)

  • If you are near the ocean, take a 15-20 dip to replenish your minerals naturally! Grounding or earthing on the wet sand helps too!!

  • More like Aussie flu that's coming to britan ๐Ÿ™

  • Yessss!
    I feel terrible-like I'm gonna die!!!
    Thank you so much!
    I'm going to hang in there!


  • I came here cause after I started blending my vegetables and taking coconut oil, olive oil, and blackseed oil as well as fish oil Ive been having a constant mild headache . I have stopped eating breads and many other things like chips ,tortillas and my portions of a regular meal are smaller . I take my blend of kale, cilantro ,oats a bit of peanuts ,half apple,a mix of chia,hemp,and flax seeds.dried cranberries and plums and a bit of ginger root and blen everything to make around 2 litters wich I drink in the morning and during the day . I am surprised that with all this nutrients I still have a mild headache .

  • Hey! My temperature is slightly above normal. Is this ok? I've been in keto for 4 days now. But this gets me worried, I've been searching for people with the same symptoms but I haven't found any ๐Ÿ™

  • thank you Terra im in day 3 of keto and was experiencing some weirdness.. thanks ill try this.

  • Wish I had seen this 4 months ago! I had started a vegan diet before I did keto and was eating tons of fruit and sugar and other carbs. Then I started the keto diet after almost 2 months of the vegan diet. Not smart! I was in keto flu for a month! I was having all these symptoms and literally couldnt get out of bed for a week!

  • If you are diabetic, potassium levels that are too high are extremely dangerous. … Unless you are an expert regarding the human body, and know how the human body would react to your suggestions it might not be wise to give people this kind of advice.

  • Great video although one thing I'll say is take ONE potassium pill only. Too much can be a bad idea. But mag, potassium, some sodium and trace minerals are great.

  • On keto… make sure you take 5g of sodium.. daily