My Transformation: Calorie Restriction to High Carb Low Fat


My journey about how I went from calorie restriction, low carb diets, ketogenic diets, paleo diets, bodybuilding diets to a high carb, low fat, vegan, whole foods diets based on the best available science. For more information check out Dr McDougall, Dr Esselstyn, Durianrider a.k.a Harley Johnstone, Freelee the Banana Girl, Vegan Gains, Bananiac, Happy Health Vegan, Plant Based Athlete, Potato Strong and others (of which there are many).

Work on athletic goals rather than aesthetics and eat whole foods, high carb, low fat, vegan!

What’s up guys, I hate bad information and love making fun of shitty info on the internet. However I also love answering questions relating to health and fitness also. So send me questions and I’ll try and make a video about it.

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  • I subscribed, but once I saw your recent videos, mostly your RANTS about other people…. Naaaaah Unsubscribe! Dude we don't need to focus on the bad, just focus on the good bruh! Cheers!

  • Great video mate!!! Interesting to see you transformation through different eating styles 🙂

  • Do you even lift? Your body is for sumo deadlifting not conventional brah.

  • more protein will not give you more muscle.

  • soooo inspiring! thank You!

  • Okay, give me what you eat in a day guys, lay it on me.( trying to learn here)

  • too bad you are vegan! Dumbest choice ever.. No offence but "veganism" or how you call it, is just a commercial strategy! Humans are omnivores. Your teeth were made to chew meat, vetetables ecc. You are supposed to vary your nutrition!!! VARY NOT EXCLUDE ANYTHING.

  • This is AWESOME!! 😄👍😄👍😄👍

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  • you seem like you made huge strength gains very fast, maybe i'm interpreting it wrong. When you first started lifting weights what was your base strength and how quickly did you reach a 2 plate bench, 3 plate squat? Cool video, thanks.

  • JMG

    Is your sprinting a part of a sport club or university sport team? Something like that? I'm assuming you already graduated from university and you just recently picked up track/sprinting.

  • I can't do high fat anymore because I can't seem to digest the stuff. Causes me all kinds of gastronomical distress. I've been cutting back on fat and I'm feeling much better. I also have more energy.

  • i dont believe in calorie restriction. your body has lots of ways of gettin rid of excess calories through sweat digesting food etc. if you eat organic carbs an keep fat level low you can pretty much eat carbs till you feel content imo. its difficult for them to be converted to fat, unless excess fat is coatinng the blood. i only eat veg an my carb sources come from fruit and potatoes. i dont even eat rice pasta or oats etc. anything that comes out the ground has to be more optimal for you i say. like your video mate complete overall in your physique now look more athletic

  • Wow I relate. I was mostly raw vegan but then calorie restricted until I discovered squats a few months ago and sprinting a month ago. Now I am eating a lot, high carb like bananas and dates, and my body fat percentage is still falling. You look amazing btw! I hope that I get to that definition! I am amazed for me how fast these exercises are changing my body composition even though I am eating twice as many calories. I used to walk 3-4 hours a day and calorie restrict which was miserable…

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  • Were you playing me on the video ? 😀

  • One of my best friends had highly recommended me to apply "fizy unique plan". I googled it quickly. Certainly, this has been the best-ever diet which helped me burning my extra 7.5 pounds so very easily.

  • I lost 49lbs in around six and half months by just eating white potato topped with tuna fish in spring water, so what does that tell you… keep in mind that im 49 years old (almost 50) and my body will have changed from whe i was younger, before hand i tried a low cal diet with very little carbs and i felt fucking dreadful, i had no energy at the gym and just felt like shit as a whole… i also lost very little weight and had come to a complete stand still, i then switched to the potato and tuna fish and the weight litteraly fell off me….do the maths.

  • I'm the 1000th like B)

  • I've been doing calorie restriction since I was 18 years old, and now I'm 32. I found that it has made me really healthy, but also I've not really aged since I started. I guess it depends on your goals… but high fruit, unlimited calorie diet is not good for longevity.

  • 4:51 you keep running bro lol

  • I am sure no special vitamins were used.

  • Congratulations bro great video I particularly resonated with the calorie restriction part in order to get lean. Adopted HCLF approach and my weight has gone 1-2lbs in two months doing less training. Calorie deficit may work in the short term but who wants to be lean for a day and fat for 6 months.

  • Thanks This is really inspiring to live a better healthier life style. YOu look really healthy as well thanks;D

  • Awesome bro, nicely captured, life's for learning aye!

  • But… Dota 🙂