My Low Carb Vegan Lifestyle

  • Im losing weight too, i find the first 20 lbs is the easiest, its the going from 150 to 140 thats near impossible.

  • Great video! What a cute coffee maker! Subbed! Check out my channel if you get a chance and subscribe if you like! <3

  • I love love love avocados and fresh homemade salsa. I drink almond milk. Regular milk makes me so dang plegmy and I just don't like it anyways. Girl, sweet potato fries are one of my faves. I eat alot of frozen vegetarian patties and dinners. Carbs are my enemy. It's like my body really needs and prefers protein. I really enjoy your videos Cory 💞 I find if I talk honestly with someone about what I eat and what I do as exercise, that it really helps in the weight loss progress. Just stay positive and consistent. And I do believe that diet sodas and artificial sweeteners are very very bad for people. I too drink alot of coffee. Good thing I like that stuff black, I'd be 200 lbs with all the sugar and creamer I would take in on a daily basis. And ice water. I drink alot of water every day. Very beneficial to drink lots of water. Sorry for babblin. 💞😘💞

  • Low carbs is my hardest thing to do! I'm a new sub#763. Please check out my journey! Thanks!