My Low Carb High Protein Meal Prep For April – Weight Loss [Eggs, Salmon, Chicken, Jollof Quinoa]

2 MONTHS TILL SUMMER, yaaaay!!! Starting to knuckle down and really focus on my diet and eat healthy and clean. Here’s my meal prep for the month of April. Enjoy

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  • Great tips. I'm trying to get back into meal prepping myself (I love ALDI!). I generally hate salad but know I will have to push myself to reach my goals.
    I really think having big thighs is in our genes, I have learned to accept it but know they can slim down by at least one size.

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    where did you get your water bottle from pls ?

  • My meal prep is about to get tasty and colourful….. great video

  • You look so good babes, I can definitely see the change. Keep going, what you are doing is working, God has given u the strength to see this through to the end….and by end I mean beach and bikini! ☺

  • Where did u get the water bottle from

  • Longer Videos Please!

  • Lola, you made my day. You look great I love your makeup and 💁🏾. Yes summer is upon us in the next two months and thank you for that word of encouragement and just motivation I haven't consistently meal prepped but when I do meal prep it's very convenient and I don't catch myself snacking on things I don't need to eat. I look forward to your videos they keep me motivated and they keep me inspired ,I'm in my third month of my weight loss journey and I'm just looking to see the results that I need and thank you for all the recipes that you show , just different ways to incorporate healthy and clean eating. Looking forward to next weeks video .you are definitely a friend in my head🇺🇸🇿🇲😊

  • Lola, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your journey! I love your videos and you look amazing! You definitely keep me motivated and to kick it up a notch! Also, love some music you've shared! Keep up the great work! In my mind, you are my "cousin across the pond"! Have a great week!

  • How do you keep the boiled eggs for the whole week?

  • Why is your voice weird? You talk ugly and your pronunciation is poor.

  • Not related, but can you do a GRWM (get ready with me)? Your makeup is always so nice 🙂 Great video!

  • You are so beautiful!!

  • Keep up the good work. You look great. Btw I love 3shots podcast too

  • Lola, do you have a myfitnesspal account that we can follow? Thanks for being so consistent and transparent on this journey; we're watching girl!

  • Hi, do you have myfitnesspal? I need friends on there. Thanks, anyone can be my friend on there 🙂

  • I think I am obsessed with watching meal prep videos.. I never do them but i always get fascinated by what people make for their food. Awesome. I have lost 85 lbs o think i am doing ok.. but its always good to get new ideas! Have subbed, If you wanna see what a slightly crazy Uk woman is doing on her weightloss journey would love to have you. Either way keep up tehegreat work, you look fabulous already to me!!

  • Hey Ms Lola are you still doing IMF with this meal plan? Looks great, thanks for sharing! 😊

  • i swear its so hard for me to cut out rice, every african can't live without their rice lol. i'm going to try that cauliflower rice and see i tried quinoa and i hated it