My Latest Dietary Experiment – High Fat, Low Carb w/ Pics



***This video includes mention of “The Women’s Muscle Movement” (a hobby project; in which I no longer operate)


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  • I eat a low carb moderate fat optimal protein diet and I too am satisfied with my meals & have limited to no cravings. The magnesium supplement will help relieve the constipation issues, drinking MCT oil can have you tied to the bathroom.

  • You look great. I was just wondering how long do you go without eating when you are intermittent fasting?

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  • are you eating pure pasture raised/wild caught animals? or conventional meat? I recommend supporting local, pure grass fed meat, as well as add organ meats for added magnesium, essential amino acids, and other various nutrients. that will probably help with the skin. you look great though! !

  • coconut oil is mct oil so you should try this 🙂

  • You look great! I like that you eat 2 meals a day opposed to 3. I'm doing well on my own made-up plan. I time myself at each of the 2 meals. Sometimes I do low carb, sometimes add good-for-you high carbs, sometimes add chocolate, but I do not crave anything between meals. And believe me I was a snack- aholic. I'm so happy on my plan and am losing inches, and I'm sure pounds, too. I need a new scale so I haven't weighed myself sInce I started 7 weeks ago. Oh, another thing, I have about an 18 hour fasting window. I eat till full but I make sure my meals don't last a long time. This and the no snacking factor are the key reasons I am losing weight, I believe. Another thing, I do bursts of exercize throughout most days. I know I can eat this way forever even after I reach my goal weight. When I started I had about 33 pounds to lose. By this summer I want to be at my desired weight! Thanks so much for your inspiring video!

  • you know there is lchf veganism

  • I eat a high fat low carb diet. I tried the low fat starchy vegan diet for 5 days. I was bloated, gassy and gained 2 lbs. The grains tore my gut up and I lost 3 pounds in 2 days back on the ketogenic diet. My sister is the opposite of me. Cholesterol feeds the brain, carbs don't, which is counter to popular opinion. Coconut oil might help with the constipation. I can't eat it because of that, lol.

  • I instantly subscribed! I'm vegetarian and also focused on dropping fat and increasing muscle mass. I have a ways to go. I'm curious as to how low you dropped your carbs. I range between 99 at my best and 130s in my worst days (not too many of those). Im entering into week 2 and I already notice a difference. I'm dimpling (in a good way, YAY!) around my abdomen and my arms are smaller. I've lost about 3 lbs since doing this. Yes, I'm eating much more avocados and nuts but I'm cool with that. Boiled eggs have been my saving grace. I'm content with my meals. Never hungry. My issue is getting over calories down my egg white protein powder without having so much fruit (I prefer fruit). I'm gonna have to change and mix it with greens so I can enjoy my fruit without feeling I need so much of it to cover up the eggy taste. I peeped around your channel and it looks great. You look great. I'm not there yet but I hope to be by the end of this summer for my vacation.

  • The science behind the better focus is ketones. Your brain likes them better than glucose.

  • You're a beast and I am sooo lime green jello. Your physique is amazing and you're beautiful to boot. Loved the vid. Thanx!

  • crackers and cheese and peppermint tea… 😂😂 that is too funny girl. I loved the video! definitely will be adding you on instagram, I've been really doing a lot of research on intermittent fasting and keto so this video was helpful.:)

  • It's so weird hearing her say "poop"….Only because she seems to be an incredibly classy lady.

  • Also….you have one of the most honest video series on diets…. It's greatly appreciated.  You and ButterBob Briggs are my two favorite.

  • Me as well when i start to fat on a high fat diet its laser focus for Hours i feel amazing….