My Favorite On-The-Go Low-Carb Snacks.

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Low carb snacks for on the go. Perfect for your fat fueled life.


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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bar:
Genuine Health fermented Vegan proteins+ bar:
No Sugar Giddy Yoyo bars:
Roasted herb crackers:
White chocolate drops:
Flaxseed cinnamon bun muffins:

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Please note, I am not a nutritionist within the meaning of the Health Professions Act of Alberta.

  • You went to Cuba! Brave girl! Were the beaches nice? Those are great looking products! Do you try to stay 30 grams of carbs or lower per meal? I'm going to try doing that starting today. I hope that's low enough. It sounds like you do net carbs. I can eat chocolate but I cough my head off when I eat anything with coconut oil. Also, do you eat diary? I stopped drinking milk for awhile due to sugars but lately I've been having a cup of milk with breakfast. It just seems to make me feel fuller throughout the day. You look great! Love your sweater! It's such a pretty shade of blue.

  • So, I checked out the giddy yoyo site, and shopping for ONE bar was $18 to New Brunswick! Are there any Canadian alternatives that are similar?

  • I like Raw Rev Glo Bars a lot better 🙂 PB is a 3g net with no sugar.

  • I stopped watching when you said "lowish"

  • One important thing to mention is that if you're insulin resistant (you might be if you're very overweight or obese) is you should count total carbs not net carbs.

  • One thing i dislike in the genuine Health fermented bars, is the use of Agave syrup.

  • these are not keto snacks! and this is another example of convenience foods that many attempting to lose will get into trouble with, as with low fat/sugar free snacks.
    You won't be fat fueled on any of those bars you recommended but consuming way too many carbs in very little food.

  • My fav snack on keto are seaweed "chips". Small squares of roasted & seasoned seaweed. They have a lot of salt and magnesium. I get mine at H-mart but any asian market has got the goods.

  • What!?!?!?!?! NO MENTION OF PORK RINDS!?!?!?!?
    What the hell is wrong with you!?!?!?!?!?

  • You look like that lady on the movie superstar lol

  • your either keto or not….you sound more like paleo… pushing box packed products because you cant handle being in keto eat natural not MLM shelf products bullshit!!!…go back to being a diet guru sponsored by snack companies!!!…sad!!!

  • Made with sugar no that's just make you want sugar

  • Shame on you! These are not low-carb! You are just promoting products because they paid you or offered you something. It is called selling out. Sometimes you have to say no to some of these companies and be of integrity. I don't trust your videos anymore and your recommendations. You have to say no sometimes and stay honest. You sold out!

  • Geez people on YouTube will make BS videos.!

  • You should create your own line of "On The Go" KETO foods with stevia instead of sugars 😉

  • I don't understand why there was some hate in the comments, you were very clear in your video on the carb counts, you offered home made options, etc It was a very thorough video!