My Experience on a Low Carb Diet || Vlog

I discuss my overall experience on a low carbohydrate diet for around 3 years. I can speak from experience on both ends of the spectrum. I did Low Carb for almost 3yrs and now I’ve been eating whole food Plant-Based(Vegan) for almost 3yrs. There are several other positive things I noticed from going Plant-Based, I’ll cover that in a future video. Thanks for watching!

“A recent study found that animal protein dramatically increases the risk of premature death independent of fat and carbohydrates. In a study of over 6,000 people, those ages 50 to 65 who reported eating diets high in animal protein had a 75% increase in overall mortality, a 400% increase in cancer deaths, and a 500% increase in type 2 diabetes during the following 18 years.”

Low Carb Diets and Coronary Blood Flow:

The High Carb, Low Fat Plant-Based lifestyle, 80/10/10, does wonders for weight loss, fitness, and cardiovascular endurance for not just endurance athletes but also MMA fighters, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu athletes, busy Moms, and any sport that requires explosive health and fitness. More importantly the high carb, low fat whole foods 80/10/10 lifestyle helps prevent against Heart Disease, Diabetes, and other diseases like Cancer. So this is a lifestyle for anyone wanting to look and feel better. For more information please subscribe to my channel.

  • I used to do the same with junk food and coffee. Did you balloon out when you made the switch? Is it possible to be low carb vegan plant based? Is that just as bad?

  • Campbell is not only lean but is so sharp! He shows no signs of dementia.

  • love your videos!

  • Great video man.  I work in a street market and the food area is flooded with high fat, low carb, gluten free crap.. very frustrating to see.  I think the fad will die off soon.

  • There is not protein in cooked animal products…..

  • awesome! I just love that I'm able to eat such amounts of food and never get fat! Definitely high carb is the answer 🙂
    Keep up your videos, u 're a great inspiration:) xx

  • I have a question, do you use vegan protein powders for working out? love your videos btw!!! God bless!

  • Hey, love your videos:) I was just wondering if you gained weight when you transitioned to high carb because you were doing low carb before right? and how long it took you to get to your current weight with the whole food vegan lifestyle! Thanks a lot

  • Jay I NEED to get more TMI info from ya brah, sorry. How long did it take for you to have "nothing on the toilet paper"? I am RT4 for 7 months now and I do not have the same fortune yet.

  • Have you done a video about your experience getting off caffeine??

  • give us some photoooos 🙂

  • show us a before an after pic! 🙂 

  • Did he say – Neil Bernard – stripper lean?

  • Thank you for sharing. Not too much information. It is the same for me. I love that go through hardly any toilet paper now. Not had any bum problems like heamoroids since going plant based vegan. Love it! My hair doesn't fall out as much. I too do not get the lull in the afternoons anymore. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Not like the energiser bunny or anything like that, but not tired and wanting to go back to bed. I want to get on with my day and achieve something. Great way to live. 

  • One thing you said in a previous video was stuck in my head for days. and it really makes sense. "if the focus is weight loss, your life is boring" or something like that.
    Lots of people (myself too) are waiting for the weight loss, and only after that start living. that's fucking boring. I'm gonna live now.

  • GAH why dont my lecturers at uni know this information!! Seriously every single lecture they mention something that could be fixed with plant based diets! Like cancer, obesity, global warming… and thats what all the research money and all the researchers effort goes towards. I hope this changes soon! 

  • Great video! Thanks.

  • what's the reference for the study you mention? thanks! love your stuff!! congrats on the lovely girlfriend.

  • Low carb makes you tired. Every low carber needs tons of coffee. Oh, did you say you weighed under 140? wow you are not that tall?

  • I love being regular too lol…I cant believe how many ppl tell me they go once a day or sometimes not even one a day.

  • Wow!! Our low carb/paleo experiences are VERY similar. I was running, lifting HARD core and drinking 3 huge cups of coffee. Addicted to caffine/ stimulants ..No energy. Counting calories. Absolute misery!! I love to eat, so restriction made me NUTS. This lifestyle of abundance has changed my life for the better. I now train the sports I love moderately. Rarely lift weights. No coffee. Endless energy… The list goes on!!

  • wow… low carb for 3 years?! brutal. high carb for the win :)!

  • Thanks for sharing, Jay. I didn't know you were on a low carb diet for 3 years. Seems like there are several people in the high carb vegan community who used to be on low carb or Paleo style diets who now are feeling so much better as high carb vegans.

  • D G

    I think you just saved my life, on Atkins and I look sick compared to being vegan, thank you

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  • In fairness dude I can find just as many paleo eaters that are lean as hell.

    That's not to say of course that paleo isn't stupid, it is.