Muscle Growth and Carbohydrate Consumption, Best Time for Carbs? Low vs High Glycemic

Complete cyclical bulking plan for consistent gains without fat

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  • why is everything based on a 6ft 200 lb guy when the norm is 5ft 8 180lb guy

  • Great video guys. What are some good examples of High Glycemic carbs for post workout?

  • glycemic im guessing is another word for sugar?

  • @brad white rice and white potato

  • Thank you guys for these precious informations , question please what kind of high gly ind can i take post workout ?

  • does the same apply if you are taking in carbs during the workout??

  • What are we considering post workout in terms of the time after training? I'll normally down a shake right after im done training then eat a full meal about an hour later. The shake is usually no carb or dextrose depending on whether im cutting or bulking. the meal though is normally low GI like sweet potato most of the time.

  • Just look at that gigantic calve just sticking out lol

  • Anyone know of a good spot to get organic dextrose?

  • Best and most informative videos on the planet. Good to hear factual and useful information.

  • What kind of response would one's body have to eating a decently large meal directly postworkout, mixing in the simple high GI carbs with possibly other slower carbs and/or fats?

  • my bad it's actually 69 inches

  • a powdered based carb? in other words, by our supplements. I'll stick with the real food thank you.

  • Hi Ben ,just a thought ,insulin is anticatabolic ,which leucine elevates to go to anabolic or at least anticatabolic state ,so why not use other alternative? Eggs ? They also create insulin spike when eaten alone.something as simple as sugar sweetener? why spend so much?

  • So why isnt Bpak not at the Arnold Classic 2016? he posted a video about Arnold prep 2016.

  • im always using ultra fine oaths with my protein shake
    are fine oaths High Glycemic ? or low? ty in advance

  • broscience

  • This Pack Man is greatšŸ‘