Muscle Building for Women w/ Dr. Deanna Mutzel

Maintaining muscle with age is the best way to slow down the ageing process, balance hormones and the keep the weight off your midline.

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  • can your next interview be with dominic dagostino or rhonda patrick?

  • Great info! Thank you, just what I needed to hear today

  • What is your ideal of lifting heavy?

  • I've recently stumbled onto your videos, absolutely love the information! Keep up the great work.

  • This video was so helpful and informative. I have Adrenal Fatigue & Candida.. I think. And for many years I was neglecting the weights because I would get too tired. My blood pressure would go up pretty high afterwards. I would feel dizzy and my body would shake while resting. I started walking 30 minutes a day. *Which I've never done before. I cleaned up my food intake. I try to sleep earlier. And that encouraged me to start lifting lightly. Now, 3 months later, I can lift heavier. I feel stronger and I look better. I just have to find healthy recipes to keep me fueled for my workouts.
    Thank You once again for this information. I'm going to look at your other videos also.

  • I add coconut oil to my protein, but I'm not sure what y'all consider moderate for proteins? I was worried about the whey isolate protein rising insulin ? what are your thoughts?

  • nice vascularity in your arms! 🙂

  • An other Great Elf discussion 🙂

  • Hi Mike,

    This was great! But I have a question. I train power lifting style, heavy and low reps usually. But during my warm up I guess I do volume work with less weight. Anyways, I am really confused about what I should be eating for my training. I train 3 times a week, squats one day, bench one day, dead lifts one day with accessory work for all of them.

    The internet is a great resource but it can also confuse the heck out of someone. I tend to fall back to LCHF diet, but sometimes I worry if I should be eating more carbs.

    Also, I have no thyroid and take thyroxine everyday. Does that affect anything?

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you 🙂

  • I love your channel! It is very true to me! I tell about it to everyone!!!! Congrats for your amazing work! <3

  • Can we get good results training at home? And what about kettle bells? Thank you for great talk☺️

  • Hi Mike and Deanna! I'm a huge fan and I'm immeasurably appreciative of the content you both provide us on this channel. I watched this video when it came out (of course, because I devour everything you post as soon as I am alerted to it!) and it has had me thinking seriously about committing to lifting for the first time in my life. I've always been active and still exercise in some way every day (yup, I do my sprints, get my adrenal soothing dog walks and fresh air, I dance, and sought a job that keeps me moving and on my feet most of the day, etc-I'm paying attention 😉 ) and I'm quite strong and reasonably fit, but it's true that there is a little hurdle for me when it comes to lifting. I am NOT afraid of bulking up or any of those sad stereotypes; my issue is that I hate working out at a gym. I am however, very disciplined about working out at home. I am not particularly interested in losing weight, but I understand the importance of building muscle and keeping off extra fat as we age, so as soon as I have saved up enough, I plan to purchase your Weight Loss Masterclass because I really want to learn from you two –a source i really trust with my precious well-being and health- about proper form and about a wide array of functional exercises. So this is all a long-winded way to get to asking you whether you might do a sort of precursor video about the types of things a person can invest in for an economical, no frills home set-up in order to be able to do the exercises you recommend in that series and keep progressing in her fitness? I also saw the interview with Sara Kinnon, so it sounds like I need a barbell 😉 –and hopefully 'll learn to love mine!–but would you guys consider doing a video about putting together a realistic home set up and your thoughts on it? I want to invest in a good set up and get started! Thank you so much for everything you do on this channel! -Julie

  • Deana, have you ever had any issues with your period due to weight training? I've had hypothalamic ammenoreah for months due to heavy lifting but perhaps i was going overboard. how much do you exercise per week? also, all the popular female fitness youtubers I've asked say they haven't had a period in months, sometimes years. My doctor says this is normal for active women but I just don't buy it. Thanks v much in advance

  • I started a combination of keto, IF and longer Fasting recently. I had been lifting weight in the past. But I got pretty sick so I got a break from it, not wanting to stress my body too much, while recovering from being sick. But since then I have been reading a lot about not to lift weight while doing Fasting. Can you tell anything about that?

  • I have to start lifting weights in 2017.

  • How did you combat headaches that come with keto?

  • Will weight training stop me getting PMT?

  • "If you're lifting hard, you're tired by 10 pm. . . " Amen.

  • ty 4 being honest!

  • love this discussion. Would love more just like it from the both of you. Rose

  • what was the HRV device you use? I didn't see it in the show notes like you mentioned

  • If I want to begin as a keto coach and lifestyle coach how do I avoid becoming a nutritionist through traditional schooling methods? I have a MS in Psychology and am done with school but not self education. I am concerned about the legal implications that are potentially there for non medical professionals promoting this way of life. Can this be solved by simply requiring clients to sign an informed consent?

  • This was great you guys. I'm a PA in Boise, Idaho, and working in functional medicine. I lead group visits on approrpiate exercise programs for our patients. How would you guys advise people training for endurance events? We have a strong community of mountain bikers here, and how do I advise them to protect their adrenals and hormones during race season? You touched on this in the video, but I have some more specific questions. Is it helpful for them to be on adrenal herbs during this time? Any specific dietary interventions, specifically before or after those longer, slow training sessions? Is it enough for them to just lift 3 or so days a week? LOVE your podcasts and videos Mike, keep up the good work. Myself and the two other providers in our clinic benefit immensely.

  • Nicely done. Esp like the point that Atkins is not the modern keto recognizing the need to nourish the microbiome. Sidebar… Michael Lustgarten presents an insightful quantified self at My Road to Optimal Health and Lifespan – Boston QS 2016,

    for various diets over time if you haven't crossed paths. Bio: Michael Lustgarten, PhD, the Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, uses serum metabolomics to investigate mechanisms that may underlie muscle mass and physical function in older adults. This long term lab data is now being updated to overlay microbiome for insights.

  • Thanks! These are all great!

  • much knowledge coming to me right great interview

  • 👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • I enjoyed the video you both did together; very good information. Although; are you really married, because you seem like neighbors or roommates getting to know each other?

    I would like to see Deanna in more videos with you Mike. Because, she does know how to ask questions, that even surprises her with your responses (hence the neighbor, roommate question). I noticed in your most recent two videos together, Deanna has a real knack for getting you to be detailed with your answers, based on the questions she is asking you.

    Out of curiosity, which one you is the oldest?

  • hi please let me know wht kind of weight training programs you have followed in pregnancy time? . how long you trained during pregnancy , till which month you pushed?

  • great work guys , best of luck.

  • I would love to hear Deanna speak more. Although I understand they are a team, it does seem like often hear him guiding the doctor through his agenda. It is obvious she is educated and she is definitely more likable on camera.

  • Can you link the app you mentioned at 35:25
    Thank you

  • Thankyou so much , loved this video!

  • As a personal trainer I use to respond to the I don't want to bulk up comments with, you all ready bulked up that's why you are at the gym. And would reassure them that it is very hard for women to get that amount of hypertrophy due to lower testosterone in women. Then I would point out a female trainer with an awesome body and say that is what weights will do for you.

  • You caught my attention when you said you use to cycle a lot. My husband and I are know for ultra endurance cycling and I just finished up a world record cycling year and as a result it really messed up my metabolism and immune system. All of my symptoms point to chronic fatigue syndrome. If I didn't have a good friend who is a doctor and also has CFS I would be lost. I have to say, there is something to being in nutritional ketosis. I went paleo then I've been into ketosis for four months. I cycled out of it so that I could get more nutrients from other foods, yet I found I felt better in ketosis. So now, I hoover right on the edge. Also, I've eliminated foods that cause any issues which is still an ongoing process. Tracking food, exercise and body composition has helped me personally get over some hurdles in my gut, strength and overall health. I believe you two are on the right track and it's great that you share your knowledge for those of us seeking to find answers. Thank you, Alicia Searvogel

  • Cringe worthy every time he redirects her

  • Very informative, keep up the good work giving us all the information we need to be healthy.

  • i come to watch the doctor explain muscle building for woman but instead i watch a man mainsplaining to the doctor on womans body and dominating/redirecting/ interrupting the conversation/agenda without letting her talk or direct her own presentation