“Muscle Building Breakfast Meal” Burn Belly Fat and Build Muscle

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Here’s a great muscle building breakfast meal to burn belly fat and build muscle. It’s Great if you are on a ketogenic diet.

Bodybuilders know that in order to stay lean while building muscle you have to eliminate carbohydrates from your muscle building breakfast meal.

Upon waking in the morning cortisol levels are high and if you eat carbohydrates first thing in the morning this will spike insulin. The result? Cortisol plus insulin spikes equals FAT GAIN!

For the BEST muscle building results while staying lean, hold off on your carbohydrate intake for the late afternoon after a workout. In other words, Back Load your Carbohydrates for later in the day.

There is no need to have carbs in your muscle building breakfast meal unless you have a real hard time gaining weight.

Below is a list of macros in this muscle building breakfast meal.


Protein – 69g
Carbohydrates – 3g
Fats – 34g
Calories – 630

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