Muscle Building Beef Stir Fry (High Protein/Low Carb)

In this video, I cook up a beef stir fry in about 10 minutes. This meal is high in protein and low in carb. Topped with salsa to enhance the “flavor profile” so to speak.
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  • Looks great!.definitely gonna try it..probably mix with same rice would be even better.:-P.thanks for sharing.

  • I LIVE your meals because they are quick and don't require a lot if ingredients!!!

  • *love

  • you're very welcome my friend

  • nice!

  • thanks I appreciate it. I try to always make things less complicated in general whether it be my cooking videos or speaking vids.

  • yes indeed, lol =)

  • yes indeed

  • Delicious

  • thanks for watching and the "like". much appreciated. more videos to come.

  • awsm

  • Been searching around for best way to fry my chinese dishes! Love your video Muscle Building Beef Stir Fry (High Protein/Low Carb) – YouTube just wish that one day I can cook something like these chefs at But got long until I am that good!