Motivation, Carb Cycling, Muscle & Fat Loss| Fitness Q&A Part 1

My first ever Q&A! Fitness and other random topics 🙂 Part 2 will be up soon!

0:49 – How do I stay motivated? How do you push through slumps?
3:24 – Best fat loss tip to maintain leg gains?
4:24 – What is your daily diet like?
5:14 – What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
7:33 – What are your thoughts on carb cycling?
7:48 – How many rest days do you take?
8:44 – How do you satisfy your sweet tooth on prep?
9:50 – do you change up the number of reps you do? High Reps vs. Low reps on a daily/weekly basis or stay consistent in one range?

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  • OMG A KITTY!!! >.> ahem

  • Another informative vid, can't wait for part! 👍❤️

  • I love this Christi! You're so inspirational! I agree with and can relate to so much of the advice you gave! Thank you!