Menno Henselmans – Burn Fat and Build Muscle, Carb dogma, Bodybuilding and the Ketogenic Diet


Menno Henselman knows his stuff. Menno is a physique trainer with a long history of natural bodybuilding. He writes articles for and, as well as his site

Menno dares to challenge the dogma that carbs are necessary for building muscle…I enjoy his writing quite a bit, in fact he is among my favorite writers on building muscle and fitness because of his rational approach to analysis and implementation of the available data.

You can build muscle without carbohydrates, a ketogenic state is just as effective for putting on mass when the body is given the proper nutrition and training. We talk about low carb high fat bodybuilding, the carb dogma in the fitness industry, training in ketosis, how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, and much more. Menno is a wealth of information and I can’t wait to have him on again and talk about specifics in training.

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  • I have a question:
    admitting you replace glycogen store after a workout, what about carbs intake on off days ? don't we need calories (carbs) to help synthesize protein and recover ?


  • just touching up on the part about low body fat levels and test. if someone were legitimately taking test through trt, I would think they would be healthier if they were sub 7% body fat. would be interesting to know if there are any lifters who have low test, on trt, and sub 7%. what their quality of life would be. just a thought =D

  • Can I just follow KD and gain muscle without CKD or TKD at all?

  • I just try by my self and have better deffinition and I'm stronger in low carb,higher fats days,feel better ,energetic and dont feel sleepy.

  • Another great video and guest!

  • keto cn suck my… we know

  • Around 34:00 he says he eats 50 grams of protein per meal at 4 meals a day. That's 200 grams of protein a day which to me seems to contradict the early discussion about too much protein, and indicates he eats more protein than fat. Can someone clarify?

  • 200g of protein? I'm always told that too much will kick you out of ketosis… I am a 195lb male…at 10% body fat. Keto calculators tell me that if i get in more than 165g/day I risk being kicked out of ketosis….and I know that he weighs less than me.

  • Menno has no page on wikipedia.  who wants to be the first to write it up?

  • I have tried to eat 50 grams of protein at one meal and it's hard. To overcome leptin issues a 50 gram protein breakfast is counseled by some. I couldn't do it. I am 230lbs and I need to lose about 65 lbs. I am trying to get into ketosis to beat type 2 diabetes. I just feel like I have gorged myself at 30 grams or more. 50 grams is like 8 eggs. How do people eat that much?

  • I'm so glad I found you guys on YouTube! This is exactly what I've been looking for…

  • What a great interview!! Very useful for someone who trains a lot and is about  to embark on a Ketogenic lifestyle, I had a few worries but you've taken care of them- thank you!

  • I tried keto for 2 weeks and it's very effective to burn fat's amazing. after the 1st week I was training very hard and was pushing significantly more than before. really impressed but cannot keep doing it because I just cannot continue eating so much fat..and I love fruits so dont feel like i wanna deprive myself

  • I feel you on the refeeds. The best time of my life was months into a keto-diet with no refeeds. I need to give keto another go. Only problem is, I need to try and do it within a vegan diet. I see a lot of tofu in my future…

  • Quality interview, so informative. Thanks for this!

  • You said on keto you felt less inflammation. Is it a huge difference? I'm inlamed like a motherfucker. I drink tons of quality water, eat plenty of greens, citrus fruits and all that stuff, fish oils on the daily. I do tons of mobility work but it has been quite some time now that my joints feel like 40. This needs to change. I've read about carbs in particularly gluten potentially causing systemic inflammation? Any thoughts anybody?

  • Thanks Menno and Tristan for this interview……I was in Keto diet 7 months back……..grew 8 pack abs cus i loose some muscle mass as well as a LOT of fats…….from 88 KG to 68KG doing intermittent fasting + Keto diet 🙂 …i was around 13-14 % body fat …….I did observed loss of strength as well ……but once i started feeding carbs to body by reducing fat intake (cus i got bored of eating same foods everyday), i got my strength back and was able to lift heavy as usual but gained some fat….now i'm 16-18% body fat…….i do feel my core strength has improved….but can't see my lower abs anymore >.< ……..I tried to re-enter keto diet as previously…….however i observe that my body weight got saturate to 76 KG………………really appreciate if you guys can advice on how to re-enter the keto state and can maintain the same level of body weight with healthy level of body fats with some visible lower back abs … many thanks 🙂

  • Great video! I can't figure out if I need to count greens and veggies in my calories for the day. I'm 8%ish bodyfat and want to stay at maintenance…doing Keto for anti-inflammatory anti disease purposes but want to keep or slowly build muscle

  • HOLA!!! Began Keto, HIIT and weight training Jan. 25, 2016. 11 days later, Ketosis. Never had issues with Keto Flu (I eat pretty clean). Been doing awesome at gym, have energy, hunger is suppressed to the point I get concerned about making sure to keep my total daily caloric intake. Yesterday started week #5 on Keto, and decided to incorporate IF (16/8), woke up feeling well, energy is good, no problem with hunger. HOWEVER, today went to gym and couldn't lift the weights!! Any insight??

  • This guy has an awesome sounding name!

  • im sick of arguing to people you CAN build muscle and burn fat if done right but never have the studies to show them. do you have the links?

  • Is the fear that intense cardio releases cortisol that tears down muscle tissue? Or is it something else? We are built to endurance run no?

  • I'm very interested in going on a keto diet, however my only concern is with blood sugar levels. Could you provide any information on that?

  • mater of science in what?

  • The alcohol would turn into sugar

  • Another great video with interesting guest, keep em coming!

  • how do you do keto diet if you need 400 grams of carbohydrates to mantain your weight lol
    there is no way possible to keep your levels of carbohydrates at 25 to 50 carbs when you need to consume 3,700 calories a day to gain .5 lbs of lol

  • Vegan gains is not always right but often he is. Lots of people who he discussed in his worst of the industry podcasts are giving wrong/false information. He brings this up. I also dislike his urge to want to make everyone vegan.

  • Nice Interview, enjoyed it very much – thanks to both of you 🙂

    Also, it is kinda amazing how many dogmatists this Topic attracts. If you don't enjoy this type of food/diet, just don't eat it.

  • From my personal experience, I did quite well on both low carb and high carb diets performance wise. However, my weight loss completely stalled out eating low carb. I wasnt tracking calories, so maybe I was just taking in too many calories. I switched to high carb low fat based on the recommendation of Mike Matthews who wrote Bigger Leaner Stronger, and I lost another 40 lbs. Im getting ready to start bulking. I wholly believe processed sugar is bad, vegetable oil is bad, and that whole foods are the way to go. I have heard and read arguments from both sides. I think there is merit to both the vegan way (high carb low fat) and the primal, paleo way (high fat low carb). It seems to me the common denominator is a lack of processed sugary foods from both eating strategies. I think you need to find what works for you. I am curious to see what my blood results show after eating high carb for the better part of the past year.

  • Can you post a link to the article you mentioned, 25 seconds in, plz? Thank you in advance & solid interview

  • Primal Edge Health – could you point me to the right point of the video for protein timing/post-workout nutrition? I listened to the whole thing, but didn't take notes. Thanks!

  • its been two years. did menno release the burn fat build muscle article?? :p

  • i have done the ketogenic diet for 14 days now… i have been really strict… i was 290 pounds… lifted weights 4-5 days a week.. very strong… i ate lots of protein… very little fat… moderate carbs. and sugar… now i do 80% good fats… 5 % carbs. / sugar… 15 % protein… i lost 21 pounds in 14 days… i feel awesome… i have never felt weak or lack of energy so far… i am very active because of the job i do… my energy level has increased dramatically… 2 inches off my waist and the inflammation in my body has been greatly reduced… my headaches have now disappeared and the pressure behind my eyes are completely gone… i used to have a lower back pain on my right side… that has also disappeared… my flexability has improved greatly… i should have done this years ago… ! i watched your channel and Stephanie keto person also and i am thanking both of you…! keep of the great work and words…!

  • I love that Menno didn't go into the theme of cancer.