Meal Prep for Muscle Gain or Weight Loss – 4 Easy & Cheap Meals!

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Cheap Bodybuilding Foods for Gaining Muscle or Losing Fat with Vegetarian Alternatives. Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, with these example meals you’ll know what you can prepare to achieve the results we’ve achieved.

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Meal 1:
Chick Peas
Food Oats
Mixed Veggies

Meal 2:
Brown Rice
Olive Oil
Mixed Veggies

Meal 3:
Chicken Breast Filé
BBQ Seasoning
Brown Rice
Mixed Veggies

Meal 4:
Minced Chicken
Chick Pea Pasta
Mixed Veggie Wok

  • do you prep your breakfast and lunch?

  • wish you had shown all the cooking of the meals prepared. Looks good. Do you have a video for the meals you cooked? Never heard of chick pea pasta but looks good too. Great video..I'll be back to see what else you got…

  • u guys should do a full month on eating only vegetarian food.

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  • how would a 1500 cal day meal plan lok like?

  • I'm broke af doe

  • I use cocanut oil on mine

  • Love this! Great job you guys -big fan or your meal prep content!

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  • you eat the same old.boring food everyday. thats nutz.

  • kcal means 1k of calories right? so 500kcal of meal 2? i dont really understand kcal and cal meanss but 500kcal iss 5000 calories? sorry newbie

  • good guide

  • great video guys ! good work with keeping that up. one of the hardest things about dieting is the meal prep as its a bit of a bore

  • baked chicken with arugala baby carrots and some snap peas sauteed real quick with some spinach as well and some brown rice. doubt this is healthy but it sure as hell taste good 😂😂

  • is eating fried noodles bad for the process? or can be included in?

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  • Got any ideas for ground beef or ground turkey on meal prep?

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  • 4:11 eating a bowl of chips NOT HEALTHY!!!

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  • Been watching a few foo prep videos tonight and didn't really get as much info as I did in other videos , u didn't say how much u weighed everything , and is that for dinner ? U said if u got really hungry u could eat more of !!!!?????? What ? Surely not the whole meal again ? This may be annoying but I'm very new to this

  • You know just adding grill sauce to the meat doesn't mean that you marinated it, but still really nice vid. Keep up the good work!

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