Meal Planning Week 5: Low Carb Meals

For a weekend get together we will enjoy beef ribs with a home made LC BBQ sauce (see my 4th of July video for the recipe ), smoked chicken wings–parmesan garlic and BBQ rub, broccoli salad, fresh green beans, and stuffed jalapenos and stuffed peppers. Later in the week, we will have Rueben casserole (see video for the recipe ), baked chicken breasts with creamed spinach or homemade low carb spanakopita, and cauli mac n cheese. Last, we will enjoy a shrimp and scallop with a creamy sun-dried tomato sauce served over zoodles or fettuccine Miracle Noodles.

  • as always, I enjoy your videos. Still abit difficult to hear and I have my computer set to maximum volume. You speak relatively quietly, but I think it's mostly that the camera with it's mic is too far away to pick up your words clearly. Makes it easy to see what you're showing but not really loud enough to hear what you're saying. I still really appreciate you making these informative and educational videos though, thank you. P.S. The only reason I know even the tiny amount I do about video cameras and mics is because Katie of Katie Cooks and Crafts very kindly and generously put together a video after I requested information on that subject detailing how to make Youtube videos on the cheap. Though she is not a low carber, I like her channel alot and am considering making videos to help people trying to eat more healthy (I'm ill so I have to feel well enough and have the funds to buy the equipment and I don't have a strong knowledge base about making videos which is why I asked Katie her thoughts/opinions).  Her video is entitled Equipment I Use To Make Youtube Videos (On a Budget) (

      ) and she also linked to an inexpensive microphone, in case you're interested ( ). It may not work with your camera and I understand that families don't have money to put into making videos, which they are probably doing out of kindness, but Katie kindly gave me this information and I just thought I'd pass it along. Best regards.

  • I can hear you just fine on my iPad, Kristie. . I LOVE your videos. Please keep them coming – I can't get enough! I learn so much from you. I have cooked almost every dish which you posted, and they are all great hits with my family. Thank you!!

  • I love, love, love, your videos. Please keep it up. They help me with new fresh ideas for my meal preps. Thank you for doing these, I know it's not easy.

  • So glad I found your channel. Thank you for your videos.. I have found a mountain of ideas from just a few of your videos

  • 484 page views–Wow, look at those numbers grow. Guess that I am not your only fan!

  • Can you post your Rueben casserole recipe? thanks for the videos

  • Can you turn the volumn up in your videos?  My volumn is turned all the way up and I can't hear you very well.  Thank you!!

  • I love your videos!  I've spent last night binge watching them all.   Thank you for taking the time to show us how you cook for your family.  I'm the only LCHF follower in my house but I'm trying to convert them.  Your ideas should help.

  • How long have you been following this way of eating?  How much have you lost so far?

  • Please share the spanikopita recipe.  Love that and miss it!

  • Absolutely helpful! I am always struggling with meal ideas! Thank you for making these videos!

  • YOU are amazzzzing! I love your menu planning and meals! your channel has been a huge help for me and my family!!! I'm so happy I found your channel!!!

  • Love your helpful hints–if I'd seen this two weeks ago I wouldn't have nearly put myself into respiratory distress by rinsing my jalapenos while I was cleaning them!  LOL!  Thanks for all the help now and going forward!!

  • I just found your channel a few weeks ago and love your videos! You gave me so much help and information with the Aldi video. I also love all of your recipe ideas.

    It is amazing to hear you lost 90 pounds. Can you please share how any grams of carbs, protein and fat you consumed daily for weight loss? Thanks so much. Looking forward to making some of your recipes this week.

  • You dog is just chilling:) TFS

  • Another great video, thanks for taking the time to share with us.  You already know….but was REALLY hard to hear 🙁

  • Hi Kristie. Thank you for the video. I've recently heard of multiple lower carb keto friendly items and wanted to request that you do a taste testing and give your opinion of them if they are within the range of acceptable carb load for you and your family.
    (1) Halo Top, a lower carb (6.5 net carbs/serving) ice cream sold at Whole Foods and other stores (where it is sold is listed on Halo Top's website) that I hope to try. They have 7 flavors and the only one I heard bad things about is the mint chip, which 3 children here on Youtube said had too strong a mint flavor for their taste and too few chips, but if you like mint then I understand if you want to try it. Halo Top sells strawberry, chocolate, lemon, vanilla, birthday cake and mocha chocolate chip (as well as the poorly reviewed mint) and are abit pricey (around $6 per pint), but the manufacturer may consider sending you coupons in exchange for an honest review on your channel if you ask.
    (2) Arctic Zero's butter pecan and cookie dough ice creams are getting positive reviews. Arctic Zero usually gets awful reviews (or the ones I've seen have), but these two flavors have gotten positive reviews and I'd like to know what you think of them. If you contact the manufacturer they may send you samples for your honest review. Another Youtuber said they sent her flavors for her review.
    (3) Elli Quark is a yogurt like food, also sold at Whole Foods and online and I've heard other Youtubers say they are good. I don't know if the manufacturer will send you samples to try so that you can review, but they may.
    (4) Bread. Three bread manufacturers I've fairly recently learned of sell a light, 35 calorie per slice bread with a 6 or 7 net carb load and if they are sold in your area, I wonder if you would review them. The manufacturers are Heiner's, Lewis Bakeries (Healthy Life), and Aunt Millie's (they all have websites). Unfortunately for me these breads are not available on the west coast. We do have Sara Lee but it's 45 calories, about twice the price and I don't know the carb load.
    Thank you Kristie. Even if the carb loads are too high on some of these items for you and your immediate family, I think these are relatively healthy, definitely lower calorie and lower carb options that may be helpful to some of your viewers. I plan on buying them myself when I get the funds and I'd definitely buy the bread if it was sold in my area. Best regards.

  • The awkward daughter crawling away was pretty funny!

  • Love your videos 🙂 Love your dog, thats laying on the sofa,

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  • sorry I joined. I can't do this. My husband won't eat these things and I can;t afford to buy them for myself only. There is also a lot of things on here I don't like so sorry