Low Fat High Carb VS. High Fat Low Carb diets

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What is better? Low Fat High Carb or High Fat Low Carb diets? Well they are both great… one or the other usually works well for certain individuals. Combining both is a NO NO..

By keeping your carbs high and fat low you will be giving the body plenty of high quality glucose which the body uses for energy. Use the energy to work out a lot and have a great time… just keep the fat low and from healthy sources!

By using a High Fat low carb diet you can burn lots of fat and dont have to work out as much… Dont get me wrong you should work out and move every day. But on this type of diet the body will learn to burn fat and ketones for its energy rather than glucose. This leads to loosing fat.

Either way, eat clean, eat real food, and move your body every day!!!

Vibrant Health comes from a HOLISTIC approach. The way you move, what you eat, how you nourish your spirit, the people you surround yourself with, how you manage stress, how much fun you have, how much excitement you evoke, how you relate to your thoughts, and how much you laugh determine how healthy you are and how good you feel.

Holistic Health Activation is here to help you get into the greatest health of your life by providing a road map through the confusion and into a life of vitality.

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  • this is exactly what i was looking for. thank you.

  • Thanks for your video! I have to be honest though, I'm despairing over the fact that, according to all the things I see/read online about nutrition, I have to either severely limit carbs or severely limit fat.
    On high carbs I miss cooking with olive oil and stuff like that, but a low carb high fat diet sounds expensive! Is there no way one can have a balance of the two- like a medium fat, medium carb diet :p – and be healthy (provided regular exercise is included)?

  • If there's one persons knowledge I trust on youtube, it's yours. Through great experience and research

  • ugh stresses me out. I'm a high carb high fat vegan. Not because I try to, but it's just how my diet pans out. I can't give up avocados and nut butters. I eat about 60% carb, 30%fat and 10% protein. I don't understand why it's so unhealthy to eat like this. I really don't want to give up avocado, coconut meat, almonds, cashews, etc. Also- unrelated- what size are your plugs? 🙂

  • Great information Rob, thank you! There is so much conflicting information today when it comes to macro nutrients. You read books from good doctors like Fuhrman, Hyman, McDougall, Greger, Barnard, Axe, etc, and it is really confusing. They all say something different and seem so sure

  • Your explanation really makes sense, and makes me feel more sure about my high fat, lots of veggies, moderate protein, low carb approach

  • That was very helpful, simple and straight forward. thank you so much, lots of love

  • My understanding from my personal research is that HCLF diets are not good for diabetics, unless you practically live in the gym. As you state in your video you have to burn off all those carb calories.
    Also a point: Your body runs on glucose on either diet. But, on a HFLC diet it has to convert the fat first and since the conversion process is very inefficient, reducing your caloric intake (a LOT easier on the HFLC diet), you will burn body fat.

  • Finally, someone that knows what they're talking about!! it's like a breath of fresh air😁

  • Very informative! Thank you 😊

  • I really want to lose weight. I've been a vegan for a year and love it, but I want to go one step further. I'm not someone who exercises every single day, but I would love to lose some of my weight. Which one would be better for me?

  • Why does it have to always be "HIGH this" or "LOW that" when it comes to diet. Too much or too little oil in an engine is going to do damage and not perform optimally. The human body needs a certain(optimum)amount of the 3 macro-nutrients and I just don't see the logic in advocating extremes,when a clean,healthy and balanced (optimum amount of each macro)diet (with total calories not spiking insulin)gives the body all it needs and nothing it doesn't want. I realize you are probably just informing people with info on certain diets,but why do people in general tend to miss the obvious (healthy balanced diet)and only seek out crazy (high/low)extremes. You would never hear drag racers debating which is better,high or low octane fuel. The simply put in the optimum octane fuel that delivers the best performance. Food is fuel for the body and it doesn't need (nor want) too much or too little of any macro-nutrients. It performs best with the optimum amount and when it is performing optimally (most healthy,full of energy,highest mental acuity…) everything else (like fat loss) automatically falls into place. Hormones have an important role in the body and too much or too little of things like fat and carbs will affect the optimum production of hormones. Even the words fat and carbs are pretty much meaningless unless the source is mentioned. High fructose corn syrup and broccoli are both carbs and trans fat and good fats are both fat,but they have drastically different effects on the body.

  • Hclf = long term
    Hflc = quick way to lose weight

  • I have been struggling with what lifestyle would be best HCLF or HFLC this video and comments helped me decide that HCLF is the best for me thank you

  • Why do HCLF have to exercise a ton? Hypothetically if both diets are equal in calories. Please let me know :] Also, what is more efficient for energy, fats or carbs? Wouldn't that tell us which diet is better recommended?

  • HFLC will have a very hard time consuming "lots of fruits …" Vegetables yes, selectively, can be a major component.

  • a high carb diet sounds so much better food wise. I love my rice and potatoes way too much to give them up.

  • I know you shouldn't combine fat and sugar, but what about combining them intra-day, but not intra-meal. For example say only eating two meals a day one at say 12PM which is say a beef tallow broth. No protein, no carbohydrates. Then at night all the protein and carbs together. I'm just concerned about the requirement for fat intake, or if going ultra low fat is OK for health even to help lose body fat. Thanks.

  • Hi! Thanks for the video! If you were to go with the high fat diet, would you have to cut out a lot of fruit? I am interested in going high fat, but I love fresh fruit and I can't imagine giving it up.

  • Hi nice channel, I just come across this video coz I'm struggling between thins two diets, basically i exercise 3,4 times per week and lead a quite active lifestyle but i need burn like 5 percent of my body fat fast. So i decided to try HFLC….honestly on second day i got completely sick i got all stomach issues for couple of days and could not go even to gym. Never HFLC again.

  • Hi thanks for the video. Today is day 1 for my HCLF diet. According to my lose it app I'm at 74% carbs, 23% protein and 3% fat. The only animal food I ate was a chicken breast. The rest were fruits, vegetables, plain no fat yogurt, egg whites and egg muffin. Is this bad?

  • Very nice what you mention.

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  • If you eat a high fat low carb diet you will lose a lot of weight very rapidly at first, but it isn't worth the risks. From what I've seen, most people who follow a HFLC diet end up destroying their metabolism from restricting calories (because fat is so calorie dense) and then gain all of the weight back and some extra after straying from the diet (which is almost inevitable depending on how much you are restricting calories).

  • Great video. Quick story, got some alarming stats on my panel from this year's physical and started to freak out. Very fit (lift weights, soccer, MMA) very lean (160lb, 5'11") and have always struggled to gain weight. Always instinctively ate HCLF and cholesterol was stellar. After listening to podcasts and research about benefits of fats, I decided to add them into my diet to try to hit my 4000 calorie goal. Went from about 50/25/25 (c/p/f) to 35/15/50 (c/p/f) Generally have been feeling good and rarely if ever get sick now, but this years panel showed a1c at 5.7(pre diabetic) and most alluringly ALT (which i read shows liver function) quadrupled to 81 from 20 (end range is 44). I've been freaking out about what could have caused this, until I reexamined the only dietary change I've made in the last year (drop protein to 160 and doubled fat to 200) Notably daily use of coconut oil, a saturated fat. Just came across this video a day after the realization…. I've been going High Fat & high carb in an attempt to gain weight. OOOPS! Was still trying to figure out which macro to drop till I saw this video. Going to try to convert back to HCLF, but wondering if there is a ballpark figure for fat intake? I know protein shouldn't really go above a gram per pound of bodyweight, and I know fat is essential… just wondering what is a safe amount if i'm trying to add weight and fuel high activity levels? (Currently trying out 45/20/35 (400 c/175 p/130f) @3500 cals, but won't know internal effects until next blood panel) Thanks again for the video! Short sweet essentially informative!

  • I don't think so, mothers milk is 54% saturated fat 41% carbs so it's high fat and high carb. babies don't get sugar stuck in their cells…

  • What is the reason for needing to work out more on a HCLF diet rather than on a HFLC diet?

  • Very good video, was always intrigued why both High carb and High fat actually work.

  • Thanks!