Low Fat Diet vs Low Carb Diet: Which Is Better for You?

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In this video you’ll learn how to choose between a low fat and a low carbohydrate diet. This is been one of the biggest debates recently with the rising popularity of macro tracking and IIFYM.

Video summary:

When looking at your diet setup there’s 2 phases: Fat Loss and Muscle building

Protein is changing based on the phase and scaling with your lean body mass. There’s a lot of research backing that up.

After Protein we determine the Fat intake, and put the rest of calories to carbs.

Fat loss phase:

If carbs are too low low during energy restriction it can negatively influence your training. And this would then reduce your ability to retain lean body mass.

Fat intake recommendations for dieting based on research vary from 15- 25% of total calories.

15% is lower than ideal for most people, and it’s not sustainable long term but it can work short term for 4-6 weeks.

So typically 20-25% is used.

After you choose fat 20-25% then you just invest all the rest of calories into training.

For most people it will be fine to setup the diet with the minimum amount of fat necessary and then invest all the other calories into carbs to allow heavy training.

Minimum Recommended Fat intake:

Fat loss requires caloric restriction, and reduced calories mean reduced macros.

When setting up a diet we need to be aware not to go too low on fat.

Dangers of low fat intake:
– Heart Problems
– Vitamin Deficiency (ADEK)
– Excessive Appetite
– Mood Problems and Depression
– Reduced testosterone and other hormone issues

To prevent this aim for a minimum of 0,5 grams per kg of Bodyweight coming from fat per day.

Fat intake for the Muscle gaining phase:

In the higher caloric intake phase we can have fat as a higher percentage of total calories.

Between 20-30% of calories come from fat is fine in this phase.

Fat is very calorie dense at 9 kcal per 1 gram so adding a higher fat intake is recommended if you’re struggling with getting in the calories.

Some people operate better on a low carb / high fat diets.

How do you figure out if that’s you?

There’s a few genetic indicators but for the most part we need to test this out ourselves.

High fat diet means that the percentage of calories coming from fat is higher than 35% of total intake as opposed to recommended 15-30%

High fat diets would work for people with insulin resistance.

There’s a way to test yourself and I recommend trying this out if your family history of diabetes and if suspect that you operate better on a higher fat intake.

How do you test?

During the gaining phase for 1 month consume a 40-45% fat diet, while keeping protein and calories consistent..

So basically you’re just changing your carbs to fat ratio.

Then during this month keep an eye on and write down how you feel, what’s your mood and energy level.

Then when that month is complete for the second month setup your diet so 20% of calories come from fat while keeping calories and protein the same.

Then a the end of the month compare how you felt in the each phase and if the higher fat worked better than the lower fat.

It might seem hard to find out but it’s definitely worth it because you’ll finally know if a higher fat diet is something that works for you.

That would be all for this video. Hope you enjoyed.

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  • whats your take on dna testing to find out your genetic potential i think its the only way to get the most optimal diet plan for an individual is it worth the money

  • Before I go any further watching this. I have been wondering about this for so long. Thank you.

  • if I need 80 grams of fat wat should it consists off. cool channel thanks.

  • hey mario if you reply i will subscribe…. my question is.. iv started the bulletproof diet at home. started today and i had the coffee in morningm thn few hours later i had a mix fruit and salad lunch. 2 hours kater i was hungry so i had a small omeletter cooked in cocunut oil. yuk. after that i had water and a cupnof tea… at bed time around 11.30 i was really hungry so had a banana. felt full for 5 mins n now im bloody hungry again 1 hour later. ihave a fatty belly and my target is to lose two stones…. i dont know if i should eat pasta pr brown bread as its carbs. please advice. im starvin and i wont be able to do this without any filling food

  • Mario did you see the recent Joe Rogan podcast with Mark Sisson?? I'd be curious to hear your opinion on his diet philosophy

  • I think there may be a starting bias that might need to be addressed first? Are you prone towards being fat, want to lose weight and get lean? Or, are you skinny and want to build muscle and stay lean? For me (I gain fat very easily) the low carb diet has destroyed my sugar and starchy crap food cravings. It has made staying on a clean healthy diet much easier (for me). You look like a guy who has had to work really hard to gain muscle and stay lean??? Would that mean carbs work better for you? While I gain muscle easy but have a very hard time getting lean.

  • hi Mario good evening 👍

    in terms of feeling full up , in your personal experience, on a cut , eating the same amount incalories, do carbs make you feel fuller or fats ?

    btw, congratulations for Stipe Miocic 👏 should you do a colab with him in future, or … maybe a colab with Mirko Cro Cop! 😃😛

  • Sometimes carbs make me have cravings, how ever when Switching to a low carb high fat I stop having stomach problem like bloating etc… But is it ok to have like 4 days of low carb and two of high carb?

  • hey. very helpful information. i just started my second week of cut and this is my first time. currently having 2000cal for my trainng days(5 times)and 1500cal on my non training day(1day) and 1 cheat day. marcros P:40, C:40, F:20
    now my question is i plan on changing up my macros maybe around week4-5 of my 8weeks cut. should i go for 45p 35c 20f or 45p 40c 15f . your suggestion will be much appreciated. thanks

  • Hey man one question if i eat low fat on a cut 30/50 grams per day and medium amounts of carbs 230 my libido is high but if i do a low carb its garbage why is that ? Because all over the internet they promote more fat for balanced hormones

  • I had a break from working out with the birth of my child. Bad diet, lack of exercise and 4 years later went from 85kg lean muscle and fit to 115kg. I've gone clean and strict practically vegan high carb. Have tried low carb diets and felt crappy pulled the pin both times less then a week. I can report I feel great and really enjoy preparing fresh food. definitely have high energy levels and am more motivated to exercise. I will reintroduce lean meats once a week in about 6 months. Dairy I think I will keep out for good. Enjoyed the video and liked what you said about staying clean and off the drugs. The whole reason I trained was to be in better health not worse.

  • how to be skinny

  • awesome but video sound too low bro

  • I like to use 50% carbs – 30% protein – 20% fat on training days , because i love complex carbs-fruits-and Some other direct
    sugars, and i love protein cause THE chicken,fish,cottage cheese,whey Shakes


  • Low calorie keto is a controlled starvation without the psychological issues of starving (or being well below set-point)vand extremely suppressed hunger. That is why it works. But the approach you recommend is much better provided you do resistance training as you say.

  • I'm want to build muscle and lose fat what's the best way to go lchf or hflc and I'm in a caloric deficit right now.

  • I've seen a couple of your videos. Your information is so in-detail it's like you thought of every question someone watching your videos could have. Idk why I didn't subscribe sooner. You've helped me out a lot, greatly appreciated.

  • This was helpful but my question is should I start incorporating more carbs? I'm an average 51yr old women been doing LCHF 18 months I've lost 57lbs I do work out some Dumbell HIIT 2to3 times a week and walk. I don't want to gain any weight back.

  • Hej tomic do you got any science about carbs and fats in one meal ?

  • that's what I've always wondered about, people say low carb is best, but for a natural (I don't take any supplements either like protein) that's hard, you'd be dead after the first set.

  • just use WooPep diet :)))

  • I started doing a higher fat than carbs because of sugar levels. I couldn't get rid of my belly fat and I'm thin everywhere else. I finally went to 5 different doctors and they told me that I was starting to develop pre-diabetes and needed to eat more fat than carbs. Oh and I forgot to mentioned, my bmi was normal and I weight train and cardio 5 days to 6 days a week. I started doing the more fat than carbs and maintained my workouts and started seeing more weight loss.

  • I find low-carb/high fat keto working best for me. Loosing fat, as you say is all about maintaining the calorie deficit. High fat however keeps me full and I literally have no cravings. Any other diet that I tried was so mentally exhausting for me. I'd end up being obsessed with food, counting time until the next meal and eventually catching up with food when the diet was over.

  • High carb low fat gives you diabetes!

  • mario have hear of intermittent fasting? cuz i do that and work out in the morning after not eating for 14 hours. i get some weird adrenalin power at the gym opposite of what id though, terms of diet iv just been steadily building muscles for the past year, nothing crazy . also being in ketosis promotes growth hormones. what do you think? cool video btw