Hope this helps you with grocery shopping and meal planning! 🙂 Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

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  • CMS great video, have been waiting on this one! I miss HEB & Central Market 😢, we have Kroger and Whole Foods, Albertsons and a local which is Brookshires. Yes, please, consider a meal prep video, especially for lunch and dinner. Burnt burnt broccoli is great too especially in evoo and minced garlic.
    Thanks for your hard work, love sent to Beaux!

  • Would love to see a meal prep video….. Beaux is so sweet, I just love him 😉 Have u had him from when he was a tiny puppy?

  • Meal prep videos are my favorite!!

  • That Hersheys syrup looks yum, haven't seen anything like that here in Australia.

  • I'm from Houston as well and man do you sound country for real but I like it cool.

  • SUGAR FREE HERSHEY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you are so sweet 🙂

  • You can freeze the cauliflower rice.

  • It's so important to meal prep, I bought an extra crockpot just for that lol. Also, I put more than one thing in the oven, and have several things going on the stove. The only thing I hate is the mess afterwards lol

  • Love my HEB! And I love grocery haul videos, so thanks for this one!

  • I love your videos Kat! I'm the same way with roasted broccoli! Yum! Love these videos and 'what I ate' videos. Would also love to see a meal prep video. 😊

  • you live in houston, I live in conroe which is pretty close

  • H-E-B it is the greatest!

  • Would love to see a meal prep video!

  • would love to see a meal prep video thanks

  • awesome haul! watching keto hauls is such a good way to help me stay on track. you inspired me to start documenting my keto journey here on YouTube! I've uploaded my latest haul and would love for you all to check it out! take care xoxo

  • Yes for meal prep, I always look for inspiration! Thank you for sharing and have lovely day! If you feel like something sweet try my chocolate cake, it really is good :))))

  • You're the best! You give me so many meal ideas! Would love to see a meal prep video!

  • I can watch you everyday!

  • i love HEB, something i miss bout living in Texas!

  • what are you studying in college

  • meal plan please

  • sweetie, you can make cauliflower rice in a shaker 😉

  • I heard we have to be careful with artificial sweeteners as they can increase insulin. I've been thinking about getting an insulin monitor what do you think?

  • Love the videos! Do you have any tips for Keto or healthier eating while traveling? Work and keto don't get along too well! hahaha

  • Great vlog love your transparency… Keeps me motivated, plus you and your pet are really cute…

  • FYI: You don't need to eat vegetables if you occasionally eat the less desirable animal bits (offal). Liver is an example. Offal contains micronutrients. Remember that even dark green vegetables contain carbs. Those pesky carbs do add up.

  • Your eyes are saluted!!! Good luck on your journey !

  • You are completely awesome. Love your food videos. Cheers!!

  • Kimchi Fried Riced Cauliflower. YUM. Throw some sliced Nori and a fried egg and Gochujang in there. YUM

  • Love your videos.

  • I need that sugar free heresy's in my life. I had no idea that was a thing.

  • I bought some of those sausages you talk about using a lot. I can't remember what they are called, but it's the spicy link sausage. I put that in my eggs (pre-made in the oven for this week) and man was it good.

  • Love grocery shopping g

  • Please make me some meals! I'm so bored eating the same things!!!!

  • You write on your hands a lot huh? 😛

  • are you Texan? I hsve an HEB next door XD