Low Carb Weight Loss Quick Hit 3/11 – Addictive Carb Cravings

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Did you know that fattening carbohydrates are actually addictive? That is one of the top reasons that so many people have trouble losing weight. The most addictive of the carbohydrates is wheat, and anything that is made of wheat. That means the harmless bagel, the innocent donut, and the thin slice of bread on your PBJ sandwich are actually addictive like any cigarettes or any street drug.

So that bowl of pasta is actually a drug that gets you a little high. This is how it works. First of all, foods made of wheat cause your blood sugar to rise significantly. Your blood sugar skyrockets after eating that crust on a piece of pizza, but then it crashes two hours later. At that point you feel shaky, tired, and hungry. You are now ready for your mid-afternoon snack. You are ready for more wheat… your drug of choice to get your blood sugar back up.

Now all carbohydrates will cause that blood sugar roller coaster described above. What makes wheat uniquely addicting is the fact that wheat contains substances called exorphins. Exorphins is “Ex-” for exogenous (coming from outside the body) “-ophins” for morphine-like substances. So exorphins are morphine-like substances that come from outside the body.

We all recognize what morphine is. Morphine is an addictive drug. It is the drug (or its derivatives) that is found in the prescription pain killers that movie stars and Hollywood high rollers are addicted to. So each time, you eat that piece of toast, you are actually eating these exorphins, a drug.

Exorphins in wheat stimulate the reward center of the brain directly, just like a drug. The only difference between drinking a beer (containing the drug alcohol) and eating that bagel, is that you already know and recognize that beer contains a drug. In fact, that’s why a lot of people drink a beer, to get that relaxed feeling from the drug alcohol. When you eat the bagel, though, most people don’t realize they are consuming an addictive drug.

So if you want to know how to lose weight, the first thing that you need to do is delete the wheat. Luckily, the withdrawal syndrome from stopping wheat will not give you the shakes or the sweats. Some people do say they feel a little foggy headed for two or three days when they cut the wheat, and other symptoms are mild.

But let me ask you this. If you go through withdrawal symptoms when you stop eating a certain food, do you need any more proof that the food actually contains an addictive drug?

And the best part is, when you cut out the wheat, it is easy to lose weight. Why? Because you hunger and desire to eat are no longer driven by blood sugar crashes and addictive exorphin withdrawal. Instead, you are only motivated to eat because you are hungry, not because a drug is telling you that you need, more, more, more of that addictive drug.

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