Low Carb Vs Low Fat | NIH Weight-Loss Study

A new study published in “Cell Metabolism” conducted by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), part of the National Institute of Health (NIH) found that cutting dietary fat reduces body fat more than cutting carbs. Even though the reduced fat group did not show a significant change in insulin secretion, restricting dietary fat led to body fat loss at a rate 68 percent higher than cutting the same number of carbohydrate calories when adults with obesity ate strictly controlled diets.

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  • Great vid Tino! Carbs FTW!

  • This is consistant with my own experience. Low carb works, low fat works better.

  • It's true. I learned this in nursing school. Fat inhibits insulin transport across the cells. Leaving glucose to be stored and or excreted through the kidneys. However with the insulin receptors being blocked so glucose can't pass through the cells, serum blood sugar rises, the pancreas over compensates by excreting more insulin… The pancreas then gets fatigued and eventually tires out creating less insulin. Type 2 diabetes.

  • Awesome video

  • I want to see this study be done again except put one group on a hclf 90/5/5 type ratio with no overt fats and then the other group be on a hclf diet but include some avocados and seeds. Like an avocado at dinner every night.

  • Great video!
    What do you think of gluten, should we eat them or not?

  • Is this the study done over a course of only 6 days?

  • Hi I'm solo confused last night I watched a show …the truth about fat they put a group of people on a low fat diet to see what happened so at the end of it all it showed that the people were always hungry and not satisfied hense the important of fat in your diet. The conclusion was that if we eat to many carbs or to many fat we get fat its the same thing ha !!

  • I was literally just gonna record a video about that study!! Woo!

  • Great Video! I try to explain to the low carbers in my house the benefits of a plant based diet… It normally falls on deaf ears. Going to forward this video to them all.

  • so can i get diabetes from being a hclf vegan??

  • Prepare for Paleo onslaught in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .   Thanks for posting!

  • Have syndrome x both diets work, I feel better on low carb, I get better blood sugar on low fat except white potatoes. I get depressed on low fat, my sex drive falls on low fat. I physically feel less zen like with the low fat and feel edgy. I never thought eating white rice and getting 70s bs would be possible on low fat but it does work. And for some it might be the answer.

  • Have syndrome x both diets work, I feel better on low carb, I get better blood sugar on low fat except white potatoes. I get depressed on low fat, my sex drive falls on low fat. I physically feel less zen like with the low fat and feel edgy. I never thought eating white rice and getting 70s bs would be possible on low fat but it does work. And for some it might be the answer.

  • love this vid! thank u!

  • thanks for sharing! i'm sure i'll refer that study!

  • What are some good fat sources for vegans?

  • Do you have any scientific explanation to why I suit a vegan diet with a slightly higher fat? I notice with my usual 5% fat intake, I eat so much more (I didn't know what being full was), my stomach bloats, acne break-out, and I gained 8lbs in just over 5 months! I ate really low salt and low fat, FYI. I got fed-up from bloating all the time and the acne really tarnished my confidence. I decided to higher my fat intake to at least 20% by eating Peanut Butter and avocados. Now that I increase my fat, I do not over-eat, I lost weight, no new break-outs. Is it only me? Anyone else? I hate it when majority of vegans encourage eating low fat and OVER-EAT to 2500-3000 calories a day. Linking low fat to prevention of acne. Most of you even strongly believe our bodies are all the same. The diet will suit everyone. I am the living proof it isn't right. I wish vegans would stop shoving their opinions up to everyone's throat :/

  • YAY CARBS!!! 😋

  • I love being plant based! 2 months into it now! School always has meat based meals so i make my own HCLF vegan lunches at home. I noticed a difference that my meals keep me full and not go on cravings compared to last year when I got home from school after cross country i would stuff my self with a ton of high fat foods animal based and I binged a lot. Being a hclf vegan my cravings are under control. When i get home from practice I eat lots of bananas because they are AMAZING!!!!!

  • How's your cat? I have a kitty and she did not do well with a vegan lifestyle. What do you feel about purchasing local pet food? I know it contributes to the industry…but…I'd rather my pet live. What are your thoughts?

  • I'm doing ketosis with plant foods only.

    It's easier to adhere to a calorie deficit. I'm much more satiated. And shrinks your stomach and reduces water retention(which obviously comes back when you're back to high carbs).

  • Yes! Carbs for the win!

  • Yeah YAY!

  • I tried both ways and loss more doing LCHF

  • I loved the I dream of genie snap at the beginning. Great video, will look up this study and reference it often! Carbs ALL DAY!

  • Did you read the complete study? It is easy to see how the low fat diet lead to a body fat loss rate higher than the low carb diet if you look at their definition of "fat loss" which was "dietary fat consumed minus fat burned". There was actually no measurable loss of true body fat via DEXA on either diet due to the short duration of 6 days. Therefore that data was excluded from the results. This study proved low carb diets decrease insulin levels and increase fat burning. It did nothing to show which diet resulted in actual loss of body fat and a change in body composition. Instead it relied on computer models that suggested that "fat loss" would be higher with the low fat diet, again based on a calculation not an observation in the test subjects.

  • Another great video!!! Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for your work.

  • Hi Bananiac! I want to ask you a question. My 1km record was last year 2:53 and it was my first year of running. Now I only run 3:10 and I have ran for over a year. I have no idea where is my speed gone. I have the speed in me, but I can´t use it. When I run 1km I am not tired afterwards because I can´t use my max speed. I have feeling maybe I have overtrained. Can you give me some advice? I really need some help :((((((

  • Hi! I've been a vegan for long now, but I want to start doing HCLF. I still don't know what should I avoid besides avocados, oil, and salt. Anyone able to explain?

  • Kinobody fitness channel…look into it 🙂

  • Speed up man I fell asleep!

  • awesome video. If I eat plant based but use around 2 , 3 grams salt / day. Eat white bread with my beans and veg; and have hummus with tiny amount of oil. Will it stop my weight loss? cheers

  • OMG one study with 19 adults.
    19 adults is not satirically valid for a scientific study.
    The NIH link is basically the cell study. Why post it as additional evidence.
    I see confirmation bias all over the place here.

    I have 15 studies with larger groups to prove otherwise

    I will not disagree that Vegan / Vegitarian diets can be healthy. Most are.
    This is a disagreement of you using your confirmation bias on a bad study.

  • Come to this vid. Press pause. Know exactly what the vegan will claim. Leave comment and video. Lame shit.

  • what about bread for example rye bread? is it good carbohydrates? because somewhere ive read that bread is a worse version of carbohydrates

  • Nature seeks balance. Our bodies seek balance. Moderation is beneficial. Some fat, some protein, some starch, some plant, some raw …..with all their amounts dependent on their calorie concentration. Dr Fuhrman's diet seems to be the most balanced. He recommends mostly plants…one cup of carbohydrates a day, small amount of fat. Vitamins A,D,E,K must have fat to be metabolized. Too many starches do raise the blood glucose too much.

  • When I go on a 6 day diet to lose fat, I'm there!

  • Is he talking about animal fat ? Or planet based fats ?

  • Actually within 7 days eating low carbs burn more fat. In theory, you must cycle your carbs and fat.

  • The study is flawed. They started with fat restriction and then went to carb restriction, but did not try the experiment the other way around. By the time the subjects got to the carb restriction phase, they were adapted to lower calories.