Low Carb v.s. Keto | Why You Feel Like Crap On Your Low-Carb Diet!

What’s the difference between a low-carb and ketogenic (keto) diet?

Why you feel like crap on your low-carb diet and what to do about it!

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  • This was incredibly informative! I'm interested to hear your thoughts/views on carb cycling, if/when you think it's necessary? Thanks as always Kalli!!

  • I know you mentioned it as the video went on but you should but a disclaimer before hand when I topic thats this in depth. Just my two cents….

  • I have 2 questions…when in ketosis, I understand that the body becomes a fat burning machine… but is the body functioning on dietary fats versus body fat? How is the body burning its own fat to get leaner in ketosis? 2. Is it safe to be in ketosis long term? want to try kept diet, but I just want to understand it more. Thank u for this video! xo

  • I always have the question of why every bodybuilder I see on YouTube is always at 300+ carbs, whenever I even remotely get close to that number I start bulking regardless of decifit or not. As soon as I started lowering my carbs and upping my fats I could eat more calories wise and my bf levels started to change dramatically, a good improvement btw. I'm baffled as to why it's such a staple to go high carbs these days.

  • I loved this video! So informative…i already shared it with a few friends 🙂