Low Carb Tuna/Avocado Salad For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain

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  • Merijn, what should be the healthy/recommended proportion of Proteins : Fats: Carbs during the cutting phase?

  • What happened with your neck?

  • Please, keep making more videos like this.

  • Bro salad, volume win. 😉

  • I hate Tuna, I basically make this salad using chicken instead and 50% reduced sugar ketchup rather than mustard. Nice and easy.

  • I do exactly the same! Tuna in water+vegies is a great combo for salad. I also love adding mustard. Sometimes, I also add some tabasco and some herbs like oregano or thyme. May I suggest to add lemon juice in your tuna salad. Lemon juice adds acidity and freshness to the salad and is a perfect combo with the tuna!

  • Loving the channel dude

  • Advocado isnt as fatty as a cheese burrgr

  • The salad looks so good!! I like these kinds of vids where you show how to make it

  • hello how are you, I really like the video, I have one months lifting weights,I take protein twice a day try to eat at least 4-5 times a day. my goal is to gain weight and build muscle, what can do to get better results, because I do not feel I'm having the results that I want. I am taking OPTIMUM NUTRITION GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY
    Muscle Building Whey Protein Powder,

  • Is it ok to deadlift 3×5 on leg day the day after doing upper body or does it ruin your back gains?
    Plz help a brother out

  • Which is more sustainable for the body in terms of physical health and muscles, lifting weights (using commercial gym or not) or traditional calisthenics? and can calisthenics (bodyweight workouts) build good a good aesthetic body?

  • yes yes!!! I'm on it ..thanks!!

  • protip: add a dash of salt and pepper, and lemon/lime juice to stop the avocado and apple from browning. The acidic taste of the juice works brilliant with both the avocado and tuna

  • Please do more of this! these videos are very helpful!

  • Upload a new video man! I'm waiting 🙂

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  • I'm a new subscriber from europe to i'm so happy to see people from europe in fitness industrie,where did you learn to speak english like that ? from school or you grew up in an english speaking country?

  • Does anyone know the song playing in the background during this video? That shit is banging!

  • Awesome!! Heel erg bedankt from Canada!

  • thank you for the helpful info

  • That's the King of salads right there! Will be giving that a try like others have said some black pepper and some lemon and even some lemon zest would work well.

    Great video tho thanks for sharing

  • can someone tell me the name of the song at the end of the video please thanks