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  • good stuff

  • How long will it last if you leave it in the fridge?

  • Thank you for the video great idea

  • 3am and i don't have cauliflower but i have a lot of rice in the fridge… why T_T
    anyway you're great! the best fitness and bodybulding yt channel to me 😀

  • That is by far the weirdest looking rice I've ever seen.

  • Dude I like your videos, I like how you question and write back at all the comments you get. Dont get me wrong those big youtubers may get thousands of comments and are super busy witg projects and whatnot and dont EVER reply, but at lease you put effort. Your honest, clear, direct and you use a tripod (thank fucking god) I am training and cutting and appericate the work you put into the vids. You earned a subscriber today.

  • awesomeness love it

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  • theres also quinoa….ten times better than that

  • Is there any other way of making this instead of shoving it in a microwave?

  • test

  • If you don't have a microwaveable dish with a lid can you just put cling film over the top instead?

  • this is a healthy recipe.. but what i dont like is cooking in microwave which is not good.

  • How many calories would it be if you ate all the rice? (the entire head of cauliflower)

  • My microwave died some time ago and I haven't bothered replacing it… will try this in the gas oven and see how it goes.

  • thanks man !

  • I made some tonight, I usually low carb a week or so before a show.  I'll tell ya'll the truth, it smells/ taste like cauliflower when it's done…. but since I love rice it will do (and when you mix in with your sauce or spices you really cant taste a big difference)

  • Try making fried rice with this…you won't be disappointed!!! 😜

  • How do you make it taste like rice? 🙂