Low Carb Paleo with Mark Sisson

Here’s a man who wants to improve the health and lives of 10 MILLION people! And he might just succeed.

Mark Sisson runs the wildly popular fitness blog Mark’s Daily Apple, and is the author of a number of books including the bestseller The Primal Blueprint. He’s also one of the leaders behind the growing Paleo movement.

Despite running a small fitness / health empire Mark Sisson also finds the time to stay in a shape that would be the envy of just about anybody half his age. And he seems to enjoy every minute. How is it possible? In this interview he shares his secrets.

Furthermore, as the debate rages whether Paleo is low carb or not, Mark Sisson stays calm and sticks to what works.

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  • Mark Sisson takes Testosterone, A.K.A. steroids! QUACK

  • For all the people saying he's wrong look up the oldest person alive an old lady that loves eating bacon everyday explain that any one with half a brain would understand eating fats and eliminating carbs is the history of humans and should stay that way

  • We all have to cease argumenting w the vegans. it's not worth it.

  • I highly disagree with their hypothetical point on reducing calories by 30% and reducing hospital visits by 50% would tank the economy. Yes some people in the farming and medical industries would lose their lines of work but the money saved would be spent in other areas thus creating employment in other fields.

  • Meat elevates insulin as much as pure white sugar

  • I dedicate my smoothie right here (a pound of kale, 5 large persimmons, 4 medjool dates, half a pound of blueberries, a teaspoon of cinnamon and clove, a tablespoon of flaxseed, a slice of lemon) to all those floppy, depressed, aggressive, sad low carbers. Cheers!

  • everything you said was down the drain. the paleo diet is, and has always bullshit.
    it seems that the heart can not take so much shit.
    the paleo man had a diet more similar to the vegan diet.
    good luck in the hospital, you may now switch to a vegan diet, and shut up with the paleo diet that you know well that's bullshit.

  • Why is everyone's main argument: "our ancestors ate that way". So what if they ate that way? Do you know who were your ancestors? They were just regular folks trying to survive on what was available to them, nothing else. They're not some kind of model for "ideal diet". People today massively eat at McDonalds, does that mean that humans in 10 000 years from now one should adopt our current "model" and see it as "ideal diet", just because we chose to eat that way? It doesn't make any sense. And plus, the latest research has actually proven our brains evolved on wild onions and potatoes, not exactly on fat from meat. One should look into human anatomy to determine what is our ideal diet, and that seems to be frugivorous diet, or at least a diet that is rich in healthy carbs. We're not so close to carnivores as some other omnivores may be, in fact, we are much closer to plant eaters in nature, which is why animal fat and protein cannot be beneficial for human organism. We thrive on carbs, we always have. Today's diet is overloaded with animal protein and look around you – people are massively dying of heart diseases. Here where I live everyone raises their own animals in backyards – the air, water, and soil is perfectly clean, so these animals meat is truly "organic" and grass fed – but at least a few people I happen to know in person, who raise and eat their own animals, die of heart attack every year (usually in the age between 40 and 60), not to mention those that I don't know personally. And plus, as I have heard, this guy in the video recently got a heart attack – that certainly doesn't go in favor of his "ideal diet".

  • You guys! Could it be possible that there might be a few great methods out there for getting healthy and that these methods might be dissimilar?

  • Why does everything have to be supported by studies? What has happened to good old common sense and basic instincts? We are animals, just like every other animal on this planet. We are also omnivores, which means we are supposed to eat both meat and plant life. We have both molars and canine teeth for grinding and slicing. Our eyes are in the front of our heads for pursuit of game just like every other predator and omnivore on the planet. Like it or not folks, we are still part of the food chain. No matter how hard we try to distance ourselves from nature, we are still and always will be part of it. We are hunter- gatherers, and always will be. It's not rocket science people, just plain old common sense.

  • roiding faggot lol i would fuck his asshole so hard he would marry me

  • Roids roids roids! This guy is full of SHIT! Carbs are the answer to a healthy life, and a healthy planet. Please bring on Durianrider, Sisson is out for money and money alone!

  • I can't believe people down understand our human evolution just don't eat sugar and massive amounts of carbs and you will be feeling great

  • If u listened to the interview , the paleo movement does not support or promote corporate agriculture. They support local ,self sustainable farming,grass fed,free range and organic ,humanely treated ect….wether you agree with paleo or not… It is still better than the standard American diet by leaps and bounds.. And also better for our enviorment too

  • Everything is debatable.
    Ask yourself one thing;
    WHY do you believe what you believe?
    Do you have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in your belief?
    We all have different systems/body types and respond to things differently.
    If you find what works for you, roll with it.

  • Mark Sisson has helped me out so much with his book. Thank you for the interview and additional knowledge!

  • Great video and a must watch for people to remain healthy as they age.

  • This is some BS. Grains are not the problem. Our life style is. We eat too big, We eat too bad, we sit too long, we stress too much. Leave grains alone.

  • On coffee, it is probably not truly 'paleo'… but since it is the drug of choice of most Americans and Europeans, etc… we were surprised to find that when we put enough cream in our coffee, there was no need for any sugar! We often add some butter and/or coconut oil, too.

  • Raising livestock naturally on pastures – properly done – is REGENERATIVE, renewing soils, sequestering carbon (which grasses do more efficiently than trees), restoring the hydrologic (water) cycle, cooling soil and local temperatures, restoring the soil food wheb on which all life on land depends, etc.This includes savanna type pastures dotted with trees that can be forage producers, fruit bearing, nut bearing, timber or pulp producers.  The competition word view of our society gave rise to the industrial ag mindset where every organism is seen as being in competition with every other.  Competition exists, but there are far more synergisms and co-operative relationships driving natural ecosystems.  In comparison, our fields of grain are biologically impoverished.  They lack the biodiversity to function – except via rescue chemistry, supplied by the Oil/Chemical industry (and suspected of having orchestrated the move from small, sustainable family farms which, in the best examples, functioned as ecosystems, to synthetic chemical based agriculture).Search on YouTube & the web:  Regenerative agriculture, Mark Shephard's New Forest Farm, Allan Savory and Holistic Management Int'l & the Savory Institute, also Geoff Lawton, Dr. Elaine Ingham on the Soil Food Web, and Sepp Holtzer the Rebel Farmer of Austria.

  • BTW, there is no functioning ecosystem on earth without animals.  Until humans hunted them to extinction, there were many more large herbivores basically everywhere on the planet.  Persistence played a role, but humans also hunted these animals as a group- women, children, babes in arms, along with men- moving the herds together toward a cliff or natural notch in the hills (blind canyon). This method is still used in the Andean highlands to round up wild vicuna to shear their valuable fiber every two years in a traditional 'chccu'.  Moving herd animals as a herd is easy- cutting a healthy one out of the herd is extremely difficult, but when going over a cliff or bluff, many more animals died than the whole group could eat or smoke… which made eliminating these once abundant herds – that created the fertility of the land in concert with the plants – to extinction in spite of primitive technology.

  • Sisson is a snakeoil salesman, he is taking kickbacks from the meat, egg and dairy industries, he promotes and spreads misleading information all over the Web in order to sell his rubbish meat heavy diet to fat idiots along with his no.1 selling supplement "Paleo/Primal protein powder!"

    This marketing scum makes living off peoples ignorance, which in itself wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that is is in the health and nutrition industry. Do not trust this guy with your health.

  • There are a number of different ways to adopt healthy eating habits/foods. Of everything I've ever tried the ketogenic diet has been the best for me overall. I currently eat a well formulated ketogenic diet with a lot of leafy green and cruciferous vegetables. I don't move out of ketosis often simply because I feel so much better when I'm in ketosis.

    That said, my current diet isn't that much different than what Sisson is promoting here and it's good to see that current research is finally starting to support that fat, particularly saturated fat, isn't at all unhealthy and that low fat is likely quite unhealthy for most people.

  • Mark suffered a heart attack while on how primal diet not sure if that's enough warning not to follow or not?

  • I have been in ketosis for 5 months and my blood work looks amazing and my testosterone went from 370-969. I was thinking about adding in carbs again slowly paler style while keeping very high fat in my diet. Is it really necessary to be in ketosis to get the benefits of high fat diets .

  • If anyone wants a keto diet encouragement telephone buddy send a number laurel1066@gmail.com

  • Love Mark Sisson!!

  • I cannot speak for anyone else, but this way of eating has totally transformed my moods, the way I FEEL in my own body, and my outlook. I continue to do it because of the way it makes me feel, but I am staggered at the effortless weight loss. I thought that I would have horrible cravings, but I am amazed to find that my TASTE FOR DIFFERENT FOODS has changed. When you connect the fabulous way you feel to the thought of how you USED to feel when you were eating bread, pastries, cereal, etc., you might find you view the old foods as poison.

  • like with Tim Noakes Mark found out the BS that the supplement industry want you to believe. Just done a 120km ride, 2000m of climbing, feel real and not eating my steak and butter !! Recovery is key …

  • JIN

    Problem with this is that Mark had a heart attack

  • I understand the negative aspects of grains, but what about low carb sprouted bread?

  • I was listening instead of watching so I didn't see the guy's name and I thought I heard "Marxism" instead of Mark Sisson lol.

  • I like his boobs, looks kinda sexy!

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