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  • Look into barefoot style running, in minimalist shoes. I can now run a full marathon with absolutely no knee, hip or ankle pain and run the day after. I used to be crippled for weeks after a marathon. Hope it works for you. Remember you don't quit running because you get older, you get older because you quit running. Cheers

  • He looks like an endurance athlete to me, lol.

  • Alot of people simply don't have the GOOD bacteria's able to break down the starches.

    Wanna be a sumo eat the meat/dairy, wanna an olympic endurance athlete like the kenyan's & Ethiopians eat the hydrating fruits, and cooked starches/vegetables!

  • Ive started eating mainly mono-meals of HYDRATING fruits for 2 weeks now & ive been THRIVING!
    When i started this lifestyle 2 years back i was eating not many hydrating fruits, i was eating alot of bananas and starches with vegetables, ive noticed once i started eating mainly HIGH water content fruits threw out the day my energy, clarity, & wellbing rocketed!
    mentioning people to add alot of High water content fruits before others will help the people struggling on bananas, dates, starches.

  • thanks for sharing this info, very interesting, did atkins type diet last year, didn't help my health at all, or reverse metabolic sydnrome at all, now I am doing a 80-90 percent plant based low carb diet emphasis on coconut oil, a little butter, I don't think I could go totally meat free I do like an occassional hamburger, or piece of chicken, but I never was a big meat eater, maybe 2 ounces a day? whole milk has to high of a satity factor for me not to drink at least a glass a day.

  • Скъпи Симо,

    With that "cavalier attitude", you ARE trivialising the suffering of the WWII Genocide victims… famine victims worldwide in fact.
    Famine survivors (victims) have a VERY distinctive appearance, resulting from prolonged malnutrition.
    What YOU are saying, is that Harley simply doesn't look like a "fat bloater" (… Sally Fallon for example).
    Now let's take a look at Mimi Kirk (who's OLDER than Sally Fallon)… what more do I need to say?

    Най-добри пожелания!
    P. 🙂

  • One of your best videos mate!

  • I've seen your comments around you hate crossfit as well, there is more here than meets the eye people

  • and you are really fat and you say you don't eat meat

  • Why should we? You are an athlete. I'm sure you worked very hard to have the strength and physique you have but you are genetically gifted and still young. I see a lot of pro football player retire and blow up like balloons. You're age and your genetics has more to do with your fitness than your diet now. I am not an athlete. I have bad genetics. I was 260 pounds before Paleo and went to 180 in half a year. Hershel Walker severely calorie restricts and looks amazing. Genetics are important.

  • Absolute horse shit. It has nothing to do with genetics. I've seen guys as big as a house, get fit an lean simply through hard work. You can blaim gentics all you want, but it has nothing to do with it. If you want to go on some crazy high protien crash diet then fair enough, but don't claim you need to cut out carbs to get lean. You can ask any athlete and they will tell you carbs are the main staple of their diet.

  • And I've seen some guys spend thousands on supplements and cant accept the fact that they are skinny and any gains they get with supplements and training will go away the second they stop. Genetics are important. I can't will myself to be an nfl player. You can always improve yourself but you are limited by your genetics and environment, that's not horse shit that's realistic. Carbs fuck me up because of my genetics. I took them out and now I'm at a healthy weight. One size does not fit all.

  • i am addicted to these videos. so funny. any paleo eaters watching just do it for the lolz…

  • Hello, have you experienced Fat Blast Furnace? (just google it) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Fat Blast Furnace, you will discover how to burn fat quickly.

  • if thats you in the thumbnail, i will say honestly that you are strong but look disgusting. the average person doesnt want to look like you. even sumo wrestlers have their own diet regimine to pack on the pounds but in a specific/special way that is not typical of just an obese SAD dieter.
    when i think of fit and sexy i look to many proponents of low carbers like Mark Sisson. he's got the body of a god. I also LOVE Dr DelRae

  • and yes. there are "experts" that dont practice what they preach. I have a trainer with a Masters is health fitness and nutrition (something or other) and she's pretty chucky herself but she knows what the hell she is talking about. one of the worst shows in TV history is called "Dance Moms". the head dance instructor is one fat whale of a woman. cant do any of the moves she expects her students to perfect. and yet she knows her shit and trains her dance students to be champs in competition.

  • yes, it makes these people hypocrites. but when they have the research and data behind them to support what they say, you cant just show a picture of a man's gut and claim what he says is bunk. go after the research. according to paleo dieters its the HIGH CARB content that spikes with insulin levels (which is unhealthy by the way) and leads to a convoluted mechanism that makes the body more prone to store fat. coupled with outragous portion sizes, inactivity and unhealthy fats… you get

  • needless to say there are many ways to get something done. you can eat nothing but carbs, train hard, work out hard and have a good physic. and maybe you are proof of that. but what Primal/paleo diet promises (backed by research) is a more sustainable, healthier and efficient method. feel free to dispute it if you want. but the way to do it is through the science behind it. the fact that you are a pro "what ever you are" means nothing when we are talking about stacks of data and peer review

  • evidence that look at larger sample sizes in a more controlled way rather than just looking at one person (you) and listening to your anecdotal testimony. you can be a very strong person, by the way, and still be unhealthy. health and fitness is a complicated subject. there is a place where you can be too bulky and over time, suffer from certain imbalances as a result. you can also exercise yourself too hard to the point of actually reversing the health benefit and making you age rapidly

  • and increase your chances of certain diseases and ailments (in the long term) that an inactive/unhealthy person is more prone suffer from.
    what i listen to is science. i dont give a damn what the "pros say". and what science says is a high carb, low fat diet is UNHEALTHY OVER ALL. being physically active/fit may compensate somewhat. and for certain sports and fitness activities, your high carb diet may be useful in gaining size/mass and strength but that doesnt necessarily make you healthier.

  • You have a funny definition of "fat" there little sister.

  • Hey Harley, you gave DTM a bunch of shit over some whey products his name was associated with and the commercial I just watched to this video was an advert for pet food bragging about how much extra protein theirs have over other brands. Next thing I hear is your voice. I watched DTM's response vid to your criticisms and I felt he explained himself very well and I think you owe him an apology. Either that or demonetize your account, get a real job, and spread the vegan message for free.

  • wow please dont put any more animal murder in your videos. i was not ready for that shit at all, i cant watch that happen its evil

  • Had to look away when that dude was killing the chicken.

  • @russ allen, Durianrider gives honest direction and objective advise, I followed exactly what he said (paid nothing to him) and I got results with in a week! Its crazy how fast my life turned around after letting go of all the negative things I thought about Durianrider and just listened. Tried Paleo, shit rocks and pounded coffee! Thanks Harley! You helped change my life!

  • This is unbelievable… what a fraud.

  • For the record the book is named "Training and Racing Biathlons".

  • I want you to be like Jesus and spread the truth for free and stop hurting DTM's feelings. He's very sensitive. And yes, every time I see an ad for extra protein dog chow on your vids I immediately go out by several bags. I don't even have a dog. I just have bags and bags of chow piled up around my a house. I was just trolling you to get a response in the previous comment. Be easy on Dan though. You should have criticized him privately first, if coaching was your true intent as you stated.

  • Ever notice how pro athletes usually get very fat after they stop training. The average life expectancy for a nfl lineman is 55 years old. That's the actual number, and those are the guys who are genetically advantaged to be big and strong and healthy.

  • I stumbled upon this video and this guy is extremely dogmatic and unscientific. I have at a low carb diet and have done heavy exercise the entire time. Starches are what makes you fat, i know this from years of trying to stay at a healthy weight on a low fat vegan diet. There's no science behind the vegan lifestyle. This guy is making unproveable points, his method of determining truth is straight up wrong. He's a idiotic loudmouth.

  • I would like to ask you, how you got to that point?… Was it a slow painstaking gradual process or were you able to find a nice group of people to help motivate you and each other in order to be consistent in the work outs / exercises?… I've never gotten into health seriously before, but atm I want to and I am overweight by far and its just so demoralizing to go out and exercise doing what i love (racquetball, gym/weights, biking…) What would you suggest for me to get to a "strong" state.

  • I agree with you. I have been in the paleo as explained by Dr. Loren Cordain and have never felt better in my life. We started on it because my hubby had dangerously high blood pressure. He was not overweight, he didn't drink or use tobacco, he didn't eat a lot of salt so there was NO reason for his HBP. Hi's blood pressure measurement dropped 12 points just one week after starting on the paleo. I am a believer for the way i feel and the way he feels

  • Paleo calls for non-processed foods, so the people drinking cola are not following the guidelines. If you were walking on a field and saw a bunch of wheat would you cut a branch and eat it? Now if you were walking on a field and saw a bunch of strawberries would you cut one and eat it? So simple no books, no supplements needed.
    Guess where you get your fish oils? Form FISH

  • Just search for The Food Revolution – AHS 2011 here and you will find the truth.


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  • Hello, have you considered Bellyfattack yet? Just look on Google. There you will find a helpful free video presentation by a well-known certified dietitian revealing how you can reduce body fat. It made it easier for Jane to lose her stomach fat. I will probably give it a try. Hopefully it will help you too.

  • what is your point???? I would love to see a picture of your fat ass!

  • Wow haha that's for keeping shit real Durianrider.

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  • Dogma – you do that well! A google search of 'B12 vegan' links to the vegan society website which states "Very low B12 intakes can cause anaemia and nervous system damage.

    The only reliable vegan sources of B12 are foods fortified with B12 (including some plant milks, some soy products and some breakfast cereals) and B12 supplements.". The need to fortify your diet with vitamin B12 is abundant evidence we should not be eating vegan! To deny 2 million years of evolution – madness.

  • Note also the presence of canine teeth (like in carnivorous animals) and the umami receptors on the tongue (monosodium glutamate – found in meat)! We are omniverous by nature and by evolution. We are genetically built to process a combination of both animal and vegetable matter. To deny this is ludicrous. Search "doug mcguff" on here and learn the facts from a real doctor! <8 weeks in, stronger and about 20lbs lighter – sorry vegans but paleo works!

  • Interesting !

  • Check out Doug McGuff on here – the21convention (1.5 hour seminar – very interesting!)

  • This videos stupidity thankfully destroys its credibility so I dont have to bother.. Durian.. sensationalist moron as per usual who is actually comparing champion marathon runners physiques to stock google images pics of "fat people" and claiming that its a fair comparison. Studies need to be done into the long term mental effects of being vegan because theres something really wrong with this guy. I almost feel bad for picking on someone with such a disability.

  • You are awesome. I cannot wait until I get a smart as you and know everything.

  • Time to revisit some of your most hated (thumbs Down) Videos.

  • Trying to outnumber the dislike bar with a thumbs up. Vegan is the real paleo/primal.