Low Carb Muscle Building

Thought I would give everyone an update on my nutrition plan for the last couple weeks… currently slowly putting on lean muscle and getting stroinger leading up to May 3 powerlifting meet… morning bodyweight 215lbs at 6’1

  • you should keep your coffee intake to a minimum because caffeine is ANTI-bodybuilding.  caffeine robs your body of calcium, and is a diuretic which causes your body to eliminate its water.  it also jangles your nervous system.  it probably has a ton of other negatives but that's enough to keep me away from it.
    btw, GREAT looking arms!

  • Hey Pete, u r looking good bro , gotta get in there to say hi to you , still using the knowledge I gain from you when I trained a week with you and my buddy Darrel at Custom Fit! im about to try the whole cave man eating myself , after seeing your post im mind set on it now ! trust you advice
    Hope all is well cheers

  • J F

    Hi great video Man,
    I'm gonna try this type of diet. Do you It a lot of fat more than protein like in a ketogenic diet or It is more protein than fat? I'm doing 5/3/1 wendler traning and triyng to build strengh without getting fat do you think I Should incorporate some cardio training? Thank you and keep up loading it's motivating JF

  • Where did you get the Protein Powder from?