Hey loves!
This video will give you 4 healthy meal options to have if you are eating a low carb diet. Please note these are very small meals as I usually eat 5-6 times per day! The quantities you have can vary based on your own requirements however I hope this gives you some new ideas of food combinations to have!

p.s. I’m SOOOOO excited that I have finally learned how to edit my own video! This isn’t the best video but it’s a start! I am motivated to continue doing more now for you guys! If you have any ideas for what I can film next drop a comment below!

Lauren xo


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  • I loved this video….. im obsessed with ppls diets. I love that urs is so simple. I will actually incorporate these as i like super simple super clean.

  • Great content on your first self edited video! I'd love to see more motivation and food videos!

  • Loved your video as always, always an inspiration and i'll definitely be trying a few meals because they are so simple but look absolutely delicious. Yes peanut butter is the best!!!!!! Also congratulations on your first video edit! It looks amazing and you did an amazing job, can't wait till the next video. :))) xoxox

  • I loved this video Lauren! I’m such a huge supporter of you and everything that your about. This video was perfect for me as I am eating a low carb, moderate fat and high protein diet and I will definitely be trying all of these recipes out!!! Xxxxxxxxx

  • Gorgeous hair color. Love the eyelashes. Beautiful smile. Nails are flawless. Such a lil sweetie !

  • Loved the video!!!!! XXX

  • Very helpful. Thanks darling

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  • You are so gorgeous!!!


  • everything looked so delicious!

  • More food ideas please! Great video thank you 😍

  • This is such an awesome video great job!

  • awesome vid! are you able to post the times that you eat these meals? just out of curiousity!

  • Dont you need any kind of sweets?

  • Could you please do a higher carb, low fat meals video!!!!

  • Loved this video πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  • How much gr protein are you eating your days?? Thanks for all,I follow you Instagram and snap you are so helpful and πŸ’ͺ🏾 we want others food videos too

  • Is your meat weighed cooked or raw?

  • The last meal looks SO yummy!! Deffo gonna try- thanks Lauren!!!

  • Omg pics peanut butter!!!! He’s my next door neighbor in my home town in nz ! Crazy that you use that stuff 😁

  • New Subbie here. Great video I'm going on day 16 weight loss journey check it out if you have time.

  • what was the app that you use to calculate the calories again?

  • Carbs are wonderful

  • didn't know that about pumpkin thank you so much for that!!! πŸ™‚

  • Yassss I needed some healthy food inspo
    Thank you for sharing 😁😘

  • Hey Lauren,
    Do you weigh your chicken raw or cooked? Entering it into my fitness pal should include this. With usda added on the end depending on how you like to track ☺

  • Hi, lauren..im a new subscriber to your channel, just watched your video and it's really nice, just came to know you are also in Australia please keep a meetup someday, for sure want to meet you someday and take some tips.

  • The tuna and eggs mixed together just doesn't sound good.

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  • very handy hints. thanks Lauren. question. how many calories do you consume on low carb days? also how many grams of carbs of low carb days? thanks x

  • This was great ! i really enjoy your videos! Keep it up beautiful xxxxx

  • Sow cute and best