This video gives over a month of low carb meal ideas to show people what I eat while maintaining my low carb diet.
Btw..Sorry about the chirping, I’m on it..lol
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  • Yes more Vids I miss your inputs….

  • Have you incorporated breads and rice back in your low carb diet? I tried to do Atkins and it worked, but I keep going back. Do you recommend just watching my carb count vs what foods I eat? By the way you look great and thank you for this video.

  • currently 140? WOW! … you look great for this size. The word im looking for is actually "fabulous"
    But anyhoo… don't listen to me though, in my opinion I think you should stay around this range,… and an extra 2-3 lbs won't hurt too.

  • Thank you. 

  • YESSSS!!! my prayers have been answered I commented on your last low carb vids that I wanted more of these, I loved your last vids. I watch them over and over.

  • I like the walls!

  • Video is much appreciated….. Thanks!

  • What kind of purse is that in the background? I'm looking for a new work bag… Thanks

  • Good to see you! I have been following your suggestions since watching some of your older vids on low carb and I can't say thank you enough! You have really helped and inspired me to watch that carb intake and i have been maintaining my 130-135lb 5'3" frame for over a year! I started January 2012 and lost my 35 lbs of baby weight by July 2012 and have kept it off ever since! I have been toying with the idea of losing 10 more lbs but i'm trying to increase my physical activity and build more muscle first. I have an old cheerleader pic of myself on my fridge as inspiration.;)

  • did you say SPLENDA …..girl u doin your research in joke, that is poison….like Cancer

  • Honey you look fabulous keep giving us these wonderful video Cormie been following for a few years now.

  • The hair is looking grrrreat!

  • Omg I love your room! The walls!!!!

  • You look so pretty! Love your meal suggestions! I'm happy you share you experience with your viewers.

  • You look good!

  • Do u never crave carbd

  • Carbs*

  • Happy new year! I'm so glad your back. We missed you

  • Ok i just want to make sure I have this right b4 I try. first of all I LOVE meat :)…for first 10 days sense im trying to loose weight I should only be taking in 25-30 carbs per day or 65 a day if I cant handle the 25-30 (induction phase)? After 10th day increase daily intake of carbs by 10 to 15 PER DAY? I can eat any lean meat *FRIED, bake or broiled and thats fine? snacks can be fruits,veggies, pickles or popcorn? If my food has protein and fiber I can subtraxt that from the carbs? After the 10 days me increasing my carbs 10-15g per day. What is the max carbs I should stop at? To maintain my weight? Thanks

  • You look great

  • Hey cormie I finally started doing a low carb lifestyle for a Biggest Loser contest at my job.if I win Tue pot that's $1000! other diets that I've tried didn't work and the first two weeks of low carb I lost 10 pounds! which is exciting because with any other diet I've never seen any progress or it was ridiculously slow so I'm excited and more and encouraged to keep going on low carb lifestyle plus I realize that I feel a lot healthier too with low carb lifestyle and I don't feel sick which I thought I would because of all the fat but I actually feel good and sleep amazing!

  • you look great! definitely thinking of starting this lifestyle

  • Your smoke detector needs new battery, that's what the chirping is coming from. Great video!

  • Nosy question:
    Did your boobs shrink from the low carb diet, or stay mostly the same?

  • Thank you so much, this video helped me out alot. 

  • ketosis is not dangerous unless your diabetic

  • I would love any more videos on low carb. Thanks for this!

  • Thankyou so much for your informative videos on lowcarbing!

  • Change the battery in your smoke detector!

  • So you normally eat no more than 80g of carbs a day? Just trying to figure this whole thing out for when I'm trying to maintain. Still have about about 15lbs left. Thanks for your videos! I pray the lord blesses you!

  • Great video. I am getting ready to head back to school. I am a college student and my campus is surrounded by carbs. I am going to take some of these ideas with me.

  • By the way, you look great girl!

  • my god she's absolutely beautiful

  • You Look Fabulous!!! Each person has their own comfort Level…I have people say to me (at 280 lbs) "Girl! You need to stop worring abt your weight…you carry is very well!" and when I was smaller (A size 14) Dont loose any more!!! Your gonna look tooo skinny!
    I'm like I gonna get to where ever makes me comfortable and healthy! Anyway…Thank you for the tips! (Although I know its an old Video, but the information is still great!)

  • Bread is not low carb, not even thin sliced bread

  • I think you're beautiful all around beautiful body, face, hair and your make up is gorgeous you're doing a great job

  • Or why not snatch a couple packets of Splenda when ure out even dunkin donuts n 7-11 keep Splenda :)😀😀😀😀😜😜😜😎😎😎

  • is oatmeal considered bread?

  • Thanks for all the great advice!!

  • When you started your low carb diet did you buy a book to tell you how to follow it? Becuz I would like step by step on how to do it.

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  • hey there, can you do an update video on your Low carb lifestyle, just curious how you are still making out. I have lost 50 pounds doing Keto, been doing it for 5 months

  • Hi, You look as though you've never had a weight issue. Have you lost weight with low carb or are you just enjoying this way of eating?
    Thanks, Roylene

  • net carbs or total carbs should be 30?

  • regardless of what others say about how u looked before, I think u look great. It's all about how You what too look and feel. I'm a woman who tends to b what they call thick and I don't like it. I prefer the thinner version of my self because it makes me look more delicate. thanks for the video sis xoxo💕💕

  • ooohhhh that beeping! change your batteries in that smoke detector. 😂😂

  • Hi can you do videos of low carb meal?

  • if i am eating a low carb diet and not exercising will i get to a point where i hit a plateau? if i hit a plateau what should i do?