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FTC: I purchased everything in the video with my own money except for the hair that is on my head which was provided to me for review. I received no compensation nor was I influenced in my opinion of the product itself.

MY HAIR: Brazilian Natural Wave
Lengths: 18, 20, 24, 24 (4 Bundles)

I am not affiliated with It’s Better Than The Rest Hair Company but the hair was sent to me for review on my channel as well as my personal use.

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  • Thanks girl!!!! 🙂

  • I'm sure he can! I'll ask him! 🙂

  • Napolean Dynamite is my SHIT!

  • LOL!!!! <3

  • I know that's right! LOL! I just popped one! 🙂

  • FO' REAL! LOL!

  • Thanks hon!

  • Aww yay! Thanks ma!

  • Hey doll face! Thanks girl! I'm gonna get to your level one day! 🙂 I can't wait!

  • Juice and chewy r too funny…also I'm proud of juice pickn up the slack!!! #teamjuice! And sande i see u gurl!!! Even on a low carb day!!! Get it gurl!

  • Sande how do u deal w fitness.and the evil mother nature? BC when I get my period I.don't want to do nothing

  • Sande, you're doing such a great job working out with Jessica, you've improved so much from the beginning of the vlogs. Juice if you don't stop with the whining 525 "at that steady pace" lol last time it was over 900 and you were getting it.

  • omg i just notice we both have the fruit thingy at 23:05 🙂 well its in my kitchen at my parents house lol:) haha thanks for watching my videos! love love you! cant wait to meet ya one day!

  • I Love Curry Chicken . Especially From A Jerk Chicken Restaurant

  • Sande, can u do a video, or mention why you call Julius, juice, plz and thank you.

  • ill just luke to obow the story behind it! :)@sanara31

  • Go juice after work sucks, I love curry copying that meal.

  • That gym "Be Jammin" Be Jammin yea !

  • That gym "Be Jammin" Be Jammin yea !

  • That gym "Be Jammin" Be Jammin yea !

  • tumbs up Juice!!

  • Just makes my day just to see your day lol

  • We love yall tooo ! Choowie tooo !

  • Sooo yeah. Lol, love when u say that

  • The canon camera is on sale good vlogging camera the blue one. I can't post the link but it is on the first page of dealspl .us

  • Glad I'm not alone with watching YouTube as TV…you channels are my ESPN if i were a guy. Your videos are always right on time when i "LET" my man watch the game LOL… Rockets on now, thanks for being here Sande…~huge smiles:)

  • Juice get it in…go #TeamJuice&Sande.

  • lmao we love juice

  • I feel so lazy laying in the bed watching you work out! lmao

  • Chewy is so cute.

  • I am the same way ! I hardly watch tv anymore cuz I loooove YouTube , especially vlogs like yours

  • hey Sande glad you like the beef lol, Juice put it on the glass lol

  • love yall…
    sande ur meals be lookn good than a mofo
    love how juice is now taping every work out kinda proving his self to the ones that gave up on our boy
    #TEAM Sande & Juice

  • I'm doing low carb as well and notice the energy level is way down. Anyway, love your vlogs

  • Girl you said that stir fry sauce is spicy as hell. When you said Juice liked it I thought my dude would be good. That House of Tsang Szech Sauce is hot as fuck

  • That sauce was spicy as hell. You bout got me beat up by my bf. He ate it then started having an attack.

  • omg i love you be my best friend, you really don't know how funny you are i love love love your bubbly hilarious real personality!!!

  • Sande, you are killing the skin game. Flawless.