Low Carb Lifestyle – What I’m Eating

Quick slideshow of the foods we eat.
The spiralizer can be found here:


  • I wish I could I eat THAT healthy !!

  • I seriously got back on my low carb grind. I got tired of getting sick from being gluten sensitive. Plus, it's the best way for me to lose weight.

  • We plan on starting back on low carb on monday. It was hard at first but once you do it for a while its nice.

  • I've been on low carb since the beginning of the year, it's going great so far.
    Taking some ideas from your meals 🙂

  • getting back on track after my #Hispz16 cheats…gained 5lbs in 4 days!! darn carbs.

  • thanks for this vid!

  • Thanks for the great pics.