Low Carb Lifestyle: Viewer FAQs

You asked and I’m telling! Here’s a quick chat outside of the kitchen as I try to answer your most frequent questions.

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  • I have another question. The Keto way of eating sounds wonderful and something I could do, as long as I get over those first 3 weeks, with the addictions. The one thing that really bothers me, is that I have trouble with constipation if I don't eat my fiber. What do you do to keep regular? Thanks! You are so warm and wonderful to watch and listen to!

  • How do you make Hamburger patties?

  • I hear people say to eat more salt when on Keto. I have cut my BP meds in half. But still hesitant to add extra salt after years of not salting anything.

  • I'm considering keto and over the last 4 mos have drastically cut my carbs and sugar. My biggest problem is I'm not much of a meat eater! Where can I get my protein that doesn't have too many carbs. I always relied on beans until I found out they are high in carbs! Help! Lol!

  • I've been eating low-ish carbs and high fat for maybe 4 months now not because of a weight issue but for other health reasons (depression being one of them) and I'm convinced that it's good overall.
    But I still have an issue regarding veggies. Granted, veggies = carbs but they're also full of vitamins and minerals that we can't live without and that cannot be found in meat so I wonder : did you ever test your vitamins and mineral levels ? And if so are they ok ?
    Also no veggies = no fibers and that's also a problem, for your gut bacteria and for your intestines, how do you deal with that ?

  • 3 weeks in and almost all of my joint pain is gone😊

  • Hi Kristie, I'm in Perth Australia and doing keto 🙂 really really enjoy your channel . Thank you so much for your time and effort, it is truly appreciated. My teen daughter and I watch your videos (we are both eating low carb) and she really apprecIates seeing your gorgeous daughter cook alongside of you. Have an awesome day, we are truly blessed that you share this with us 🙂 Debs and Romilly 🙂

  • I am so so grateful that I discovered your channel. I'm on week 4 now and I've  already lost 10pounds and inches as well. I feel so much better without the bloating and low energy. I don't wake up hungry anymore and I sleep much better. Being a sugar addict really put a toll on me and I'm done playing with diets. This is probably the first way of eating that I think I can stick with. I've never been able to pass up desert or say no to someone offering sweets at work and now I do it with ease, which is shocking. Please keep making videos as they are helpful for me adapting to this lifestyle 😀

  • Do you count calories? I have been using my fitness pal, to track my macros and calories. Looking back I find I was going over on my carbs and my loss has stalled. I thought oh it won't hurt this one time but that one tine was about 75% of the tine. I am into my 5th week I am 5' 1 and my fitness pal has me on 1200 calories, I have lost 8.5 pounds and this was the first 2 weeks. I have been watching your cooking videos and they are great. Loved the girls and the bacon. Thank you for your help in advance

  • you are so awesome to care enough to share your weightloss secrets with so many people that are killing themselves trying to diet the wrong way , wish there were more people like you kristi

  • Thanks for what you do, Kristie, it is so helpful to the rest of us! I started a ketogenic diet in mid-may of this year (2016), and have lost 35 pounds in 5 months. It's little slower at my age (62) than I would like, but I'll take it! I recently had my annual physical and I was a little concerned about how my labs would turn out — I needn't have worried! My old school doctor was very impressed. She is still on the low fat train, and I thought she would lecture me on the fat issue, but she said to just keep doing what I'm doing. "Good cholesterol" HDL was WAY high, LDL was right at normal, triglycerides were WAY low, and fasting blood sugar was perfect at 80. I was doing the happy dance!

  • You are such a sweetheart 🤗

  • Do you ever drink alcohol?

  • Have you made any videos addressing how keto affects your vitamin supplementing needs as a gastric bypass person? I'm curious as an rny person myself how our needs differ for supplementing the magnesium and potassium that a non rny person would need to supplement while following keto. Thank you.


  • I literally stayed up half the night taking notes last night and watching many of your you tube video's.I just started New years eve doing Keto and have no desire for sweets,starches,bread,pasta,rice,pop,etc.Im amazed.Today I made a lettuce wrapped cheeseburger for lunch and also cauliflower with cheese on top.So satisfying.thank you for the motivation.Your before and after has encouraged me so much!

  • I love watching your videos, I have been doing Keto for a month and have so much to learn and you are easy to follow and inspiring.
    Please keep doing these videos

  • Love love love your videos! New to Keto, and am learning so much from you . Appreciate your transparency in sharing your journey with us, and just love your warm personality. Thanks for all you do!

  • I. So glad I watched your story. I had bariatric surgery in 2002, lost 116# and felt fantastic. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2004 and put on steroids. I have gained 40# back and have basically used steroids as an excuse to eat. Started LCHF did well for a couple months, had an MI and again used it as an excuse. Starting again and love your affirmations especially "just for today". I'm 67, work from home RN doing case management – very sedentary and trying to change that as much as I can. I have carb intolerance and my blood glucose plummets if I have too many carbs and not enough protein. Doesn't stop me sometimes from carb binging. Can't wait to try the recipes from your videos. They seem very family friendly and maybe will please my carb king husband. Thanks again.

  • Kristie, your videos have been really helpful on my keto journey.  I am a newbie.  been doing strict keto for about 7 weeks and have lost 20 pounds.  I have a few questions: I notice that you don't eat many veggies, do you notice any adverse affects from that?  Do you take vitamins or supplements to replace the nutrients that normally come from veg?  And also, most of what I have read about keto is most people do net carbs less than twenty.  I have heard you say a few times that you try to stay under twenty total carbs.  what is your reasoning for not counting the fiber?  did you experiment with the numbers at first? just curious.  Thanks for any insight you can offer!

  • Absolutely love Kristie. I'm so happy she mentioned quality of life. I cannot wait to receive my book! Glad you're approaching this lifestyle realistically. Thank you! Bless you.

  • Wow!!! Just found you and I love your enthusiasm. You've answered so many of my questions. Thank you for sharing your journey!!

  • I've just started this weekend
    total commitment
    what saved me is the low carb biscuits recipe
    soooooo delicious
    along with the low carb sausage gravy recipe
    weekends are my hardest time to stay low carb but I managed to this past weekend and I'm so excited about it
    thanks for all you do
    one question I have, is do you supliment vitamins or minerals ?
    if so what kinds ??
    thanks so much

  • Do you drink Alot of water? I noticed you were quite dry, although that is alot of talking and outside.

  • I like that you keep it simple…thank you

  • Amazing advice and so delighted I've found you!  What an inspiration!

  • I know this is an old video but I love how genuine you are, such a sweet soul! Binge watching ur videos!

  • Thank you for this informative video!! By the way, you have a wonderful laugh!!

  • Hi I just stumbled upon you video. Thank you so much for doing them. I am just starting on LCHF second time around, didn't go so well the first time a few months ago. My husband and I both lost a few pounds in the first few weeks and that was it. Well, we must have done something wrong, we are trying it again. I don't know how to join your video so that I can follow you. Anyway, Many Thanks.

  • Your smile is beautiful and contagious. Thank you for the encouragement.

  • Hi Kristie, I came across one of your videos for a recipe and was just hooked with your lifestyle and story. I am 31 years old at 239 lbs and have PCOS, insulin resistance and everything that goes along with that. I have 3 kiddos, 9,4,3. When I was put on bed-rest in the hospital with my last pregnancy, I really started to get depressed and eat constantly. I managed to eat myself into gestational diabetes. My hormones have never quite recovered. My back hurts a lot as I have some lordosis and my belly is pulling my frame forward. I can hardly walk in the mornings because my feet hurt so bad. And the tiredness!!! I am on day 10 of keto. I can say my foot pain has gotten better and I feel less swollen, but have been a bit discouraged that I still have not lost weight. I do feel more satiated and not stress eating, which is why I was hopeful I would lose some weight. I am trying not to get discouraged! This week I will focus on the hidden sugars and buying more quality ingredients. Thank you for sharing your story to inspire others. It has helped me feel hopeful.

  • thank you for these videos! I am researching and finding out all that I can so that I can start eating this way in the next few days.

  • Well it m two week in and hoping I can do this

  • Hi Kristie! First and foremost I would like to thank you for all of your AWESOME videos!
    They have really helped me in the past when I was serious about eating keto however, I too have fallen off the wagon (6months ago) but finally caught back up to jump on again. (went to the doc and my inflammatory markers are off the charts!) That being said, I am on day 4 of keto but Ive noticed  a bit of "keto flu". I have had several chicken bullion and litesalt, what did you do to not feel the "keto fu"? 
    Thanks Again! I just ordered your book from Amazon, So excited like Christmas, cant wait to get it tomorrow!!