Low carb ketogenic diets review. Are they good for weight loss and fitness?

Ketogenic low carbohydrate aka primal paleo diets are all the rage for newbies looking for the latest fad. Are these low carb high cholesterol inducing diets healthy? NO WAY! They exclude cardio, exclude lots of healthy carbohydrates, instigate ketoacidosis and muscle wasting as the person cannot maintain a high level of fitness and strength.

low carb ketogenic primal paleo style fad diets also promote stimulant addiction as the dieter has constant glucose exhaustion. Thats really bad for long term weight loss as your going to be binging on high fat greasy junk sooner rather than later.

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Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily focus.

Sun + sport must be the weekly focus.

Making the world a better place for humanity, the animals and the environment must be the life focus.

Here are some more tips from Durianrider & Freelee

One MUST get consistent early nights to ensure success on a healthy weight loss lifestyle. More early nights means a healthier and faster metabolism + you will have greater nerve energy for the next day as your organs get the rest they need to function healthfully.

High carb low fat fruit based lifestyles work wonders for long term weight loss transformations. Ive NEVER seen a fat fruit or rice muncher EVER. People sneak in fat and wonder why they get fat.

Im talking FAT FAT not skinny fat cos someone doesnt move their body and they wonder why they dont have a tight stomach.

Weight loss transformation WILL happen when you do the right things. High carb, low fat, early nights, consistent hydration etc.

Participate in your fav activities to build the toned body that you want. Its easy to lose weight but to build a toned body you MUST MOVE IT! 🙂 AND eat enough carb calories so that the active adventure filled lifestyle is EASY to maintain!! So many people make the mistake of not eating enough carb calories DAILY!! Thats like wanting to be a big spender on 5$ a day! CHOW DOWN THE CARB CALORIES REGARDLESS OF YOUR WEIGHT!!

My recommendations for anyone wanting to get fit + stay fit + gain muscle + burn fat is 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day MINIMUM (even on days off) and 1g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per hour when you’re out training. I personally drink enough water so Im pizz’n at least 10 times a day CLEAR and a few times a night. If my urine is yellow or straw, I just knock back a quart and Im good to go.
Raw food diet vegan high carb low fat style based on fruit keeps you slim naturally. How to get a flat stomach, how to lose weight with raw foods.how to start a raw food diet? all these questions and more answered by Durianrider & Freelee on our channels. Thanks for watching! 🙂

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  • You cant simply state that you know what's best for everyone on the planet and that many haven't had a lot of success. Ketogenic diets have been around for 40 years and you should get ready to be schooled. Ketosis is here to stay. I have twice the workouts since being ketogenic. we only store small amounts of sugar derived glycogen about 2-3hrs max after that you are burning fats or reaching for a banana. Its a scientific fact that as humans we store a lot more in fat calories. I guess you are looking at the 2013 and 2014 100 mile ultra-marathon record holder totally in ketosis. I guess your not including all the Paleo athletes who believe this is valid either. Anyone one who claims to know it all for everyone knows nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!