It’s time for another weight loss update!! After a dark time of binging on junk and processed food, I decided to take a break and spend a week exploring life with carbs! ↓OPEN ME↓
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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  • I'm trying to stay at 50 carbs a day

  • Thanks for this one. I do lc because I have PCOS but I REALLY don't like it. I've never cared for meat. I attempted a lc vegan diet but it's just too many carbs for me. I can do plant based for 2 weeks then I'm exhausted from my body dealing with all the insulin that it can't deal with.

  • There is nothing wrong with finding your way. For me, I can't give up low carb more so because of the mental and eczema benefit. However, the only way I can do long term is to have one cheat meal a week. It works, so i'll stick with it because like my uncle says "the only diet that works is the one you stick to!". Great video

  • i lost over 100 pounds not doing low carb I refused to think a banana made me fat lol I even had one cheat meal a week I ate pizza donuts icecream and cake one of those once a week and was losing weight yes it took me over 2 years to lose 110pounds but I never felt deprive I enjoyed holidays and birtbdays its a lifestyle not some get skinny quick cycle

  • great information and love the intro!

  • Hey kayla is your keto meal plan still for purchase, went on your site and im having trouble purchasing

  • have you heard of the schwarzbein principle? way of eatting by an endocrinologist. i highly suggest looking into it. i felt the same way. keto was life i was scared to go any other route! but ut wasnt working anymore

  • You amaze me!!!!! Thank you sweetheart.

  • I did keto for 3 months and wasn't losing after the initial water loss. I did,however, have clearer skin and my few gray hairs turned back brown. I added back carb over the last 3 weeks and those few hairs have started to turn gray again and my skin broke out. So, keto has been good in helping me realize certain things I really should not eat but it's obviously not good for my weight loss. I have 40 more lbs to lose to get me to a healthy bmi and I'm really struggling to get there.

  • I'm thinking about doing low carb to jump start my weightloss. However I'm not going to cut carbs too drastically so I don't have insane cravings or fatigue. Good luck on your continued health journey. New Subbie!πŸ€—πŸ’™πŸ’š

  • I've been eating lchf for almost 4 months now… I've stopped losing weight, but honestly, I am in the last 10-15 pounds of where I want to lose, I'm pretty happy with my body and progress, so I am not going to change my diet. I love the way it makes me feel more than anything, and the food is amazing– however, I can definitely see how you could be much better suited for plant-based high carbs, if that is the food you like more. Nutrition isn't a one size fits all, try it for a few months and keep us updated! I'm almost more interested to see what your opinions are on the different ways of eating after trying both sides of the spectrum. πŸ™‚

  • Love your honesty. I've been binge watching your channel since last night. I appreciate all of the free knowledge you share and I'm gonna be watching either way. I will loose 60 pounds and I'm still trying to figure out how so seeing you doing both will help me decide. Much love to you.

  • Dear what lipstick is this

  • Those of you that say you can't eat anything or feel deprived on the keto diet need to do more research. the keto diet is not for everyone because we are all different but to say you feel deprived could mean 1 of 2 things. You are not exploring all your options and trying g new foods on keto or that just because you can't eat the crap you used to you think you are being deprived of what you like and not what you need to eat for your body. I say this from experience. Again, this diet/ lifestyle change is not for everyone so it does not make it wrong for everyone only for you.

  • I'm happy to see this. I'm on a low carb/keto journey. I'm losing weight and very encouraged by it. Buuuut, I don't want to do it forever. I want to reach my goal and then find my "happy maintenance" diet that includes all food groups within reason. I do like how quickly the weight is coming off with keto and I find it very motivating so I'm going to keep it up, but I know I'm not doing this forever.

  • You should check out some of Dr. Eric Berg videos good stuff

  • Prefect, this way works for me! Everything, goes through a cycle!

  • I found that I gained weight (2.4lbs) my first week on Keto. Is this normal? I gave up because, hell, I'm fat enough, but wondering if you experienced this, too?

  • …for me, low carb is all about Discipline…yes the 'D' word. Sugar IS my enemy. I am addicted to sugar. It must be Avoided. The more i avoid sugar the less i want it. I've lost 60lbs on low carb and i'm healthier. Praise God! I can't switch back and forth with cakes and cookies. I must stay Focused. Keto works for me, So i will check in on you from. time to time. I wish you the best Kaylah. You have encouraged me beyond. Keep going until you find your place. Thanks for giving us your precious time….40lbs to go

  • funny that I came across this video as I decided TODAY that I was goin to change my lchf diet to something else…such as paleo or wholefood.
    I feel like keto isn't working anymore..plus I miss my popcorn lol.
    Thanks for being open and honest. I needed this!

  • I'm so happy that you ate low carb for when you really needed it and now are eating more grains, etc., to be more healthy with your digestion, etc. You are a prime example of what a person can do to get a big chunk of the weight off. Thank you, Girl!! Good luck to you!

  • I've been doing the whole no carb thing for a week now and today I don't have an appetite at all. I've tried so hard to eat and it's making me feel sick to eat. Is this normal?

  • I just wonder if you just need to up your keto diet in maintenance form. Up your fats. Check out normal keto diets. Your diet that helped you loose so much wt was really low on the fats. Now you need more fats to keep you level since you have used up so much that you had. Love your vids.

  • When coming out of ketosis, you have to eat No fat, just very lean meats, salads & vegetables for the first week. That way you will restock your glycogen stores without gaining weight.

  • thank sincerely for sharing your experience its really helpfull for my life.

  • i'm in maintenance, from losing 129 lbs. 3 yrs ago, struggling to relose 10 of those pounds, but that's a different story; however, low carb long term makes me depressed. i'm glad you went back to try them. there is a balance to be found. for me, low carb is good on occasion. check out the "carbohydrate addict's diet" by dr. heller. that may change your life. it's basically low carb most of the time, except for 1 hour every day. it eases the pressure of having to diet all the time, which is what both you and i have chosen to do for life. we canNOT just let 'er rip. our lives are forever change. now, to find the happy medium. you're doing great.