Low-Carb High-Fat Lifestyle – What I Eat… (LCHF, KETO)

Subscriber request: This is a summary of the foods I eat on a Low Carbohydrate High-fat (LCHF & Keto) Lifestyle. It’s a very simple arrangement that keeps this lifestyle practical and doable.
Link to the creamy mushrooms video:

Note: i made an error regarding the stock cubes. I said they contain 0.9g of carbohydrates per 500g, I actually meant to say 0.9g of carbohydrates per 100g. 🙂

  • bring back the allotment rick 😀

  • Nice touch with that rice. I'll look out for it now that I'm back on the diet👍🏻

  • new channel cooking with rick 🙂

  • Learning all the time 🙂

  • ooh very interesting rick, thanks for sharing, and for all the tips👍x

  • Thanks Rick, another informative vid. I have been following this journey of yours will great interest. Following a great deal of my own research, I will be starting my own journey next week and hope to find the same level of well being. As well as dropping a few lbs!

  • Hi Rick what are the dangers?

  • You will find you need to consume more salt than those not eating keto. I have had to add electrolyte supplement called salt sticks.

  • 2:32 I found Konjac pasta once in a store and bought as much as I could, I LOVE them, but when they discontinued it I have never been able to find any. Konjac rice would be so great. the pasta tasted like nothing at all but it soaked up all the flavours of the sauce, perfect!

    11:20 oh my! the framed beauty! 🙂

  • love it

  • Low carbs are it. Bread will put weight on you faster than anything.

  • Yay love your videos. I'm doing the same diet and it is helpful to see what your doing 😉

  • Is that an Andrew James slow cooker? 8Ls sounds good, the one I've got keeps overflowing.

  • Thanks Rick for a great video. I love these "what I eat " videos as I always get great ideas from them. So glad to hear that LCHF is working so well for you. I am happy with the results in my life to. Love all your vids.

  • What was the canned chicken meal? I didn't catch the name/brand. Chicken Korma? Thanks!

  • Ooooo will need to check out that rice 🙂 thanks for tip
    I'm currently doing Vegan Keto and loving it, no carb cravings at all.

  • Great video! It gave me some good ideas. Is jelly the same as gelatin or Jell-o in the US? Thanks again!

  • Thanks for the ideas. What I like about keto is it has really helped with keeping my hunger under control. For me If I eat carbs they seem to make me hungrier.

  • Well Rick I must say your'e looking really well! Maybe you could use one of those high fat chocolate snacks with some soya milk for a late night cocoa,if that would work? just an idea.Those kallo stock cubes are really good,I use them all the time.Very interesting,thanks for the update :}.

  • Stuff it, I'll just go down the kebab van, who want's to live forever 🙂

  • Thank you. This was very helpful. I appreciate your sharing.

  • I hope you are bringing those chocolates ;). Interesting vid mate, I like your home made freezer meals.

  • Check out this site that tracks latest LCHF content on social media (Twitter, Reddit etc)


  • lived the video. Full of lots of very good information. thanks for sharing

  • nothing I see is high fat it all looks low fat

  • Those are very nice foods. Thanks for sharing. I have been trying different things lately and seeing how I feel from them. Pizza, of course, is one of my all time favorite foods. But, I really don't feel tops when I eat it. I think that is because I always eat as much of it as I can in one sitting. That's just,,, what I do I guess. I don't seem to have an I'm full button. Just an I'm stuffed button.

    But what I find is best is chicken, beef, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, greens, eggs, and OJ with vodka. Though the OJ with vodka as long as I don't drink too much too fast. lol

    Sugars though make me feel sickly. Anything with processed sugar or fructose corn syrup, even the high kind, make me feel bad. And they ruin the taste of good food. I see a lot of people get stuck on bad, sugar foods, and they don't like good foods. They say that good foods don't taste good. Well, that is because they eat sugar food.

    Also, everyone I meet talks about salt when cooking. Every show I watch about cooking is a lot about adding salt. But I am not a fan of salt. Sure I eat it, and whatever can food has plenty. But when I cook my own meals I don't like adding salt. I don't think it adds to the taste. I just think it makes food taste salty.

    The only thing I add salt to is buttered popcorn. And that is not really tasty or feel good. I have just been trained to eat buttery salted popcorn when I watch a movie. The training started when I was young. Other than that I really don't like corn. At all. I am not even a huge fan of popcorn. But when I watch a movie it feels like something is missing.

    So I don't base my diet off of carbs or no carbs. I base it off of what seems good to me. I will have to try that fish in tomato. It sounds good.

  • Great Video Ric, I like to make a low carb high fat chilli. I Fry in lard and often cook everything in butter. I also find a Coffee with coconut oil and butter in a morning does me for breakfast. And as gross as it sounds it tastes great!

  • keto diets kill over time, told a friend this 4 years ago, in a wheel chair now.
    probably first time i have had to disagree rick 🙂

    and i'm confused by your title …
    This is a summary of the foods I eat on a Low Carbohydrate High-fat (HCLF & Keto) Lifestyle

    HCLF is the opposite, surely your eating LCHF for the keto / atkins way?

    BTW this does cause weight loss, both HCLF and LCHF cause weight loss, but the high fat ruins your cardio system and the small veins

  • Nice. Watch out for too much canned food though, various poisonings might build up over time.

  • It is correct that frozen vegetables often contain a lot more nutrients compared to "fresh". Vegetables start to break down almost as soon as they are picked/harvested. Sugars also start to break down into starch. The stigma surrounding frozen vegetables is mostly unjustified.

  • hi rick, fyi I'm having trouble viewing your vids on my tablet recently.
    The sound works fine but the video pauses constantly. It's not happening on any other YouTube vids…. very interesting vlog.
    Pleased you have found something that works for you.

  • can you have a a few glasses off red wine of a weekend ?

  • Hi Rick
    Glad you are better!
    But don't you miss something to chew on?

  • I would strongly recommend avocado and olives! By the way, sausages and bacon sometimes are full with preservatives, so watch out with these. Also I would try to avoid heating oil (any kind) as once heated above certain temperature it changes its structure.
    As a sweetener I would recommend stevia, as it contains 0 glucose.. a tip for keto diet (however it still raises insulin)

  • serious question. how does this change things … downstairs. ahem.

  • Ok

    Rick I'm impressed with your ready made cooking videos. Low carb high fat cooking is taking so much time in my day. Please make more. You look so professional, and keep them short and to the point. Is your chili video LCHF?

  • Hi, good video. Low carb works well for me too. This website is wonderful, try it out if you like: genaw.com It has lovely recipes. I missed having ketchup and there is a nice and easy recipe to make your own lower carb version. ATB. Lisa

  • You have to be careful what sweetener they used for that sugar free jelly. If its sugar alcohols it will spike your bloods sugar. https://www.endocrine.org/news-room/current-press-releases/low-calorie-sweeteners-promote-fat-accumulation-in-human-fat

  • well i am one week in and ive got to say this could be a game changer for me

  • Buy Organic! Support good causes,better for you and the enviroment. 🙂

  • Hi Rick, have you researched the vegan diet to help the IBS problems? Also checkout what happens to your food when heated up in a microwave… You may be interested. Love your channel.