Low-Carb, High-Fat (LCHF) Diet – Week One Results

Results from just 5 days on the LCHF diet, plus some details for you on how and why the LCHF might be a good diet for you.

  • I'm right there with you! Feeling great on LCHF/Keto! It's been amazing for me, so glad to hear you're feeling great! #ketofam 🙂

  • Great job!!! I feel amazing too only after a full 4 days!!!

  • Hey man, great job so far! Just checked out your video! Great results for week 1! I also have MUCH better energy eating LCHF — when I say this is the BEST I've ever felt, I truly mean it! Having gone completely gluten free with this also, my mental clarity/focus is also MUCH much better! That is such a HUGE reason for me to continue eating this way!!

  • Awesome! I'm doing this too and it's amazing and it does give you a good feeling!! Keep it up!! You got this!

  • Hey I just started this week on seriously trying out this diet plan. I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes for 4 years now since I was 15, I am now 19, and have been up and down with my insulin and other hormone levels. I've been doing a bit of research to better understand how this diet works and since a tv program here in AU spoke about cricketers doing this diet and they have noticed great results and that it is the ideal lifestyle change for diabetics. After reading up all the research and watching documentaries even about the Atkins diet I am convinced that it just simply makes sense to cut out the thing that we cannot metabolize. Like with lactose, which I haven't been diagnosed lactose intolerant but I started having lactose free milk and have no more IBS problems like before, if someone cannot digest it properly they cut it out, makes sense. My body is insulin resistant so it doesn't make sense for me to still be ingesting high amounts of carbohydrates and artificially low fat products. Technically at my age it isn't normal for someone to have high risk of type 2 diabetes but it stems from other health issues as I also have PCOS and losing weight is hard even though I've been eating healthy for the past 4 years, at first I lost 16KG but that was basically the sudden change in diet other than that I have managed to budge anymore than a kilo or 2 here and there. I'm very excited to keep watching your videos and I would love to know how you worked out your diet plan and everything so I know I'm on the right track with what I should be eating etc. Its just hard because all my life we've been brought up being told fat is bad and even trying to find not fat-free or 99% fat-free products even with dairy is surprisingly hard now. Even cutting out sugar over the last few years has been hard because its in everything, even things you wouldn't expect it, its crazy!

  • I am very intolerant of carby foods—I swell like a blow fish and everyone says —that is weird —-apparently they can eat anything and nothing happens to them but for me this diet is alot better…….

  • I think the last time I did Atkins…I did lo fat…this is better.

  • G'n'Booted – and tastier!

  • I am asking for everyone's prayers as I begin this diet!  I am 60 yrs old and was healthy for most of my life,  but found myself in the bondage of food addiction and have gained 60 lbs in the past 12 years!  I hope to start this diet,  but I know I am dealing with true addiction.  This video is very encouraging and I love it that you acknowledge God!  Thanks,   Pat from Tennessee

  • congratulations

  • thank you so much for sharing your experience..u have helped a lot on people like me who can't tolerate carbs. .

  • God bless u too

  • God bless u too

  • hey_all, The_best fat_loss that_I have_ever had_was with_carys magic_diet (i_found it_on_gogle) Without_a doubt_the most_helpful diet_that I_have ever_tried.

  • Hi, can you please give me an example of what to eat in this diet because I am 268 pounds my height is 5, 5 I can said thank you in advance for your help. I am grateful for your video. the only problem is I don't like meat I can try chicken and fish, and eggs but not pork or beef it is already hard thinking of me eating meat but it I can lose weight I am willing to try