Low Carb High Fat Diet with Shane Watson

Shane Watson is one of Australia’s most influential cricket players in all forms of the game and arguably the world’s number one all-rounder. He was named Australian vice captain in 2011 after winning back to back Allan Border medals as Australia’s best player. He debuted for the Australian cricket team in 2002, playing his first one-day international against South Africa. After adopting a low carb high fat diet Shane says that he’s never looked, performed or felt better.

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  • Good interview. 

  • Very cool!
    Shane must be one of the cricketers referred to by Peter Brukner in this presentation: watch?v=JMuD4Z-Oxys

  • great info indeed.

  • Thanks for this interview. Very interesting.

  • Shane is now a world champion, great stuff. as long as people track the analytics on this eating regime it will slowly change. 
    it might be worth trying to get an interview with Andy Moran who features in Run on Fat as it would generate interest this side of the water! he could answer further questions on explosive power which is a big thing in Gaelic football.
    P.s. a pedantic point , Donal is pronounced ''Dough-nal''