Low-Carb Healthy Rice for Losing Weight

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  • I want to know how to cook the cauliflower WITHOUT microwaving. Every recipe I've read heats it by microwave. I would prefer not to! Who would you recommend cooking without the microwave????

  • Will it work if you put the cauliflower in a blender instead of a food processor?

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  • Thanks. I have tried just pan frying it and it seems to work okay too.

  • Im asian so i eat rice everyday and a ton of it too. & Its super hard to cut back. Thank god I found this video. Im gonna try this out 🙂

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  • Hey Michael, this is SO helpful, I'm totally going to try it. Thanks so much!!

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  • This is a great healthy substitute!!! I make a healthy version of a stuffed pepper with 99% ground turkey instead of beef with brown rice and tomato sauce topped off with broiling low-fatt mozz cheese on the top. This is a great way to substitute the brown rice to lower the carbs, thanks dude keep up the good work.

  • what u talking about rice is bad for u ive been eating rice all m y life what i get gain weight i stop eating rice one week i lost 9 pound

  • Jon

    Whats the recommendation for getting a similar consistency without a microwave? I try to avoid using the microwave because of things I've read. Perhaps they aren't really true…not sure to what extent if any they are, but I find other methods work just as well without having to worry about it in many cases.

  • yes i just did this today

  • just wondering… can I serve this with some curried sesame dog meat?

  • Great video. This is a great alternative to eating brown rice all the time.

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  • Good recipe but that knife was a accident waiting to happen.

  • can i store this in any way?

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  • Could his voice be anymore irritating!?

  • Big thumbs up! love you man!

  • Big thumbs up too!  I'm going to try that

  • If you don't have a microwaveable dish with a lid can you just put cling film over the top instead?

  • you talk too much but nice videos 😉

  • I tried the cheesy bread sticks and they came out amazing. Thanks.

  • pvp

    oh fuck man ,eat rice and train hard .pussies

  • Ive been following him for years and still find new recipes on his youtube channels! lol