Low Carb Grocery Haul | Weight Loss | May 2016

Hi Friends! Here’s my latest Low Carb grocery Haul. I shopped at Target and the Commissary.

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  • FYI … I'll be posting a 'Full Day of Eating Low Carb #3' tomorrow (Thursday) morning. All of the references I make in this Grocery Haul video, are in connection to that video.

  • yummy girl…im doing low carb again,sure hoping i do well 😉 and you too my sweet friend

  • I have to try the creme brûlée k cups!!

  • I just used G. Hughes BBQ sauce on some ribs last night. In my opinion it's much better than Guy's sugar free.

  • Nice haul, thanks for sharing with us!!

  • looks yummy

  • Looks really yummy…. like the dressing container

  • Woot woot go Catie. Be careful with the Russell Stover, I lost five pounds in an hour with those, and I will leave it at that. If I get any it will be the one with splenda and no other sugars.

  • I love all the candy! LOL You know it's just not fair sometimes, in my opinion! lol oh I love that little dressing thing! how cool!
    Great Haul!! If you check by walgreens they have a ton of russell stovers so does walmart. One of my favorites is The chocolate Easter bunny's but I cannot have them now. Russell Stovers makes a yummy chocolate covered marshmallow! 🙂

  • Thank God your back..Im off the wagon a..gain…I know I will feel better if I keep up low carb..my joints especially arthritic knees are killing me.

  • I do noticed that changing u diet do cost money

  • I like your vids they are very helpful. how much have you loss so far?

  • You have motivated me to do the low carb/keto diet! My mom is worried because of the high fat diet because I have a issue with high cholesterol, but you have made so much progress 😀 congrats girly. I'll share your videos with her..maybe she will join me on the journey ^_^.. keep up the good work. you're a wonderful example.

  • I absolutely love your channel! Very informative…keep up the good work!

  • This food looks amazingly good.