Low Carb Diets, Energy Lulls, and Estrogen Dominance

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  • Great stuff, not a lot of people even speak about these topics. Keep up the good work brother.

  • What's your opinion on vegan keto (raw or not) for healing chronic health issues? It seems to be gaining more of a following vs the high carb style as of late

  • I'm about to start back on the plan I got from you a while back and maintain it this time. I've put on too much weight. Great vid and content as always

  • Old faithful, first fitness channel I ever listened to. First e-book I ever purchased was getting to shredded. Now everyone and their mother has a channel. But your content is real and to the point. No filters needed.

  • You forgot to mention that low carb diets can increase cortisol levels.

  • Her symptoms coincide with low electrolytes- fatigue, headache, water retention– all go along with low sodium. In keto you need at least 1.5 tsp extra salt/day – measure it out and mis in water and add to food otherwise you will feel crappy!