Cormie follows up from the “Low Carb Lifestyle What I Eat” video with a few
tips to help you become more successful on your low carb diet journey.
This is a follow up video so you may want to watch my Low Carb Lifestyle what I Eat video so you can see where I left off. Thanks for watching
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  • Sorry for the delayed response my advice when your energy is super low is to add a little more carbs. The first 10 days you are going to feel super low, but after that your energy level should pick up some because your body should start to adjust to not having so many carbs.

  • Wow, super sorry that my response is so late, the video was overwhelmed with spam I didn't see your comment til now. If you are trying to lose weight that fast then 30 carbs a day for the first 10 days is your best bet. After the 10 days go up to 40 carbs for the next 2 weeks, and the last week 45 carbs a day and it should help. If your weightloss stalls then take your carbs down about 5 to 10 per day for 2 days until you see the weightloss pick back up

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  • A good snack I like to have between meals are pepperoni slices and boiled eggs, combined only about 2 grams of carbs.

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  • Ive been doing great on counting calories but i understand what she is saying but i wonder how i keep losing weight just eating 1400 calories daily she looks great 🙂

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  • i am vegan and i dont like nuts. is it ok for me to have brown rice or buck wheat noodles is i keep it with in the carb limit?

  • Another great message: COOK! it helps me so much to CONTROL what I have. Love your series, so reinforcing of my efforts. You are beautiful.

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  • Please,do more low carb videos.I so enjoy your weightloss videos watch them over and over.

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  • Thank you for these great tips. Went grocery shopping today and picked up only low carb foods (felt strange but good). Feel like I am on the road to better health. Keep the great videos coming. Continue to be blessed.

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  • NEW SUBBIE!!! Hey my curly sis your advice is on point! I am documenting my start in Atkins as well as my natural hair. Today is day 2 for me. You favor Brandy. Beautiful.

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  • Can you delete the ad/bot comments so that we can see the real ones from you and other actual people? This is a great vid and it would be nice to see the conversations about it.

  • I am starting the Low Carb Meal and I am wondering if it is a good idea to continue to work out. Can you share from your previous experience?

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  • We really loved your clip!!

  • What a fuckin beauty:))

  • How many grams of carbs should I eat a day. I need to lose a 100 pounds. Also how long did it take.

  • i need to lose 50lbs 🙁
    what do you eat for breakfast lunch dinner?

  • Good concept.

  • The information and suggestions you share are very good. Straight forward..2 thumbs up!

  • I have been trying myfitnesspal to track this and so been doing good with choices. but today just od'd on raw pumpkin seeds and I'm noticing my protein is really high. ….161g protein 74g carbs 23g fiber. 96g fat today. Is this bad? 😢

  • I have been trying myfitnesspal to track this and so been doing good with choices. but today just od'd on raw pumpkin seeds and I'm noticing my protein is really high. ….161g protein 74g carbs 23g fiber. 96g fat today. Is this bad? 😢