Low Carb Diet Mistakes – 7 Most Common

Video show most common 7 low carb diet mistakes people make.
WATCH 19 Low Carb Swaps For Your Favorite High Carb Foods:

  • Tuck your fingers in when chopping.

  • you should not use corn oil or vegetable oil

  • did he say 2 cup of brocoli? or brocdailey when refering to salt intake?

  • Thanks for he video… Remove or reduce the annoying music…

  • helpful!

  • OH ya I was dragging the first couple weeks . Thought sure I needed sugar /carbs or I was going to DIE    !!   Sure wish I had known about needing salt then … I made it  2+ years & still Loving My keto lifestyle ")  Was well worth the suffering at the beginning . Nice video should help the newbies & maybe give the older  Low carb – Keto'ers some pointers .. Subbed ….

  • Eating too much protein? Well, let me tell you something. If you do not eat enough protein, your body is going to go into a shock and start burning muscle instead of fat. So there you go.

  • This was an awesome awesome video it is so on point!! Thank you so much 😊

  • Finally found one of if not THE most intelligent keto diet videos ever

  • This is a great summary video. One very important fat to add to your diet, especially if you're fasting, is coconut oil and heavy whip cream to add to your morning coffee. It gives you a great sustained energy.

    When on Keto source of fuel during exercise , keep your heart rate below 110 to burn keto and not sugar.

  • The guy's voice is so annoying. Dislike.

  • Just eat meat, eggs, and fish.

  • 25 gr Carbs per day is a mistake. You not even eat different vegetables. Cutting carbs is good but not this extreem.
    And at the end everyone can eat what he/she wants, as long as they are aware (not children).

  • it is NOT good to got o extremes. Neither vegan, neither vegetarian neither keto neither junkie. Eat the correct diet to suit your needs. And a higher in carbs keto works ok for me

  • This is horrible to watch and listen to. The music, the narrator and the "actress"….

  • 0.8 to 1 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass.. what does that mean for me though hahaha

    I FEEL like I'm eating too much protein but I don't even know how much. I'm tracking my protein sources just so I know them (as calorie counting I hear isn't necessary and carbs is just.. AVOID and fat is encouraged) protein is the only thing I feel like i have to count to ensure I don't have too much bc non-meat fat sources are hard for me to get (I live in a not so developed area of China where dairy is hard to get and avocados come and go).

    So I watch my protein but I have no idea what I should have bc it say "lean body mass"… how do I know that? I'm 149 lbs.. I have muscle but a healthy layer of fat on top (hence why I'm doing keto)

    If anyone can clarify or explain how to approach this I would very much appreciate it.

    Also, for the first time since I started I got the "sweet mouth" and stinky pee hahaha TMI but whatever, maybe it means I finally hit ketosis!!

  • The USA has one od the The most unhealthy diet in the World,
    Lots of fruit vegetables are GMO.
    Lots of animals that are eaten by human are raised and fed with antibiotics and growth hormones

  • 1:59 😏😉😋

  • this video gives me a fallout vault infomercial feel. 🤔