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This is my journey to lose over 100 pounds. (Open for more info)

My highest weight: 333 pounds. Lowest weight was 225. Weight gain during pregnancy…. Yeah, back to lose weight. My son is now 1 year old and I am still at it. Low carb lifestyle with REAL food, all made from scratch. No processed foods, no chemicals, no sugar, no grains.
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Andrea Lunsford
Simtat Sal’it 486/4
Eilat, Israel

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  • I'm impressed how you use so many spices in your cooking. Yummy!
    ps…Still cant bring myself to try the coffee with butter 🙂

  • The results of your lifestyle changes are clearly evident! You have inspired me to do the same =) 

  • Nice video. I don't follow a structured food "menu" either and it works great for me. Your food is making me hungry. Tuna and onions–yum!

  • sounds like your doing amazing babe! you look beautiful 

  • Wow, you look like you have lost so much weight in this video! Hope you get a scale battery soon. I'm relying on an old-style wheel scale, but it's no good because I can lean certain ways and cheat – which I do. Haha!

  • you are doing awesome! Go girl! sounds like you dont even need the scale! LOL <3

  • Great video!

  • I like that you're switching your diet around.  It keeps ya motivated, and it shocks the body when the body goes into a lull.

  • i think you are doing great. You can definitely see that you have lost weight. Meal prep is working out well for me, as long as i cook in advance im staying focused on my goals. Even been out for dinner and lunch a few times and been able to get what i want without using a menu.

  • YAY! Weight loss!!!

  • The two shakes and a meal, one shake and two meals, whatever, sounds like a very sensible plan. You're right, all the meal preparation takes time away from other stuff you want to do and you've been doing great with the walking. Good stuff! And that chicken curry of yours looks SO good. 

  • You're doing great Andrea and you definitely look like you have lost weight! Keep up the good work, Beautiful! Hugs, xox 🙂

  • You're doing GREAT, feeling good, extra energy, you are glowing, healthy – such an inspiration! I love seeing your meals too, and how well you feed your baby (I know, other channel!) – a success story all the way around :).

  • Great job Andrea- you are looking vibrant! Whatever works for you is great! You go girl! Peace and hugs. 🙂

  • Que byen video. Chau. May .

  • Mmm qe ue rico y eso es una dieta ?….

  • Mmm qe ue rico y eso es una dieta ?….

  • Tanto y todo eso que es?. …

  • Great meals and loved seeing your groceries (you do grocery hauls much quicker than I do :-)). Congrats on going down sizes – that really is what matters at the end of the day – not what the scales say. I had been wondering why you hadn't mentioned your weight in a while. I knew you had to be losing because you are eating so well. I think walking really is the best exercise because really if we can't walk, we can't do much. Strength & flexibility is important and a good goal to have but at the core I think walking is essential. It was awful for me when I had heal spurs and couldn't go on my walks :-(. Don't wish to experience that again. I think listening to your body is a great thing, that's what I'm really trying to do as well.

  • It appears you have lost! Good for you! Xoxo Janice

  • Great job and great haul

  • You look soo good!!! I just subscribed.

  • tuna with cream cheese looks really good.  I gotta try that coffee

  • Hey I saw your juice fast videos, I'm currently on day 4 of 18 day juice only fast. First of all, you go Glen Coco! Great job in all your progress! Second you might be interested in "Shirataki Noodles" They're apparently really low in carbs and calories.
    RunnyRunny on youtube makes a "diet noodle soup" with them 🙂 it looks delicious

  • Hi!  I am on a LC diet now.  48lbs in 8 months, yesss!  You are doing great too I see.  🙂  Can you please tell me your recipe for the coffee with butter and coconut oil?  I have an espresso machine, I use it every day and I drink a pot of regular coffee also, black.  But when I make my lattes, I like to add in some sf Coffeemate hazelnut and a pack of Truvia.  I have heard of a lot of people using butter and/or coconut oil in their coffee, but I've never tried it.  Sort of reminds me of Tibetan butter tea– tea made with yak butter and salt I think.  Never tried it either–but I'd like to try that with OUR butter, not yak butter, haha.  I think I'd like the coffee more though.  Keep up the great work, I'm subbing to your channel!  I can use the inspiration!!  😀 

  • im on a high carb diet, high fruit, loving how good im feeling. i do miss all this fatty oily stuff sometimes but feeling this good is great.

  • Keep it up don't listen to the haters!!! Some say its not healthy bing fat isn't either. I do low carb off and on. I'm on now and lost 6.8 pounds in one week. I love it especially when eating out. I also have a nutra bullet and make all types of smoothies. Thanks for the great videos. God bless.

  • Have you thought of taking supplements to change your metabolism while you're doing all this? I'm convinced that weight loss can be very difficult no matter what you eat or how much exercise you get. If you take MSM, vitamin B3 (high doses), Goji Berries, etc., it may help your body cells to release fat and toxins as well. Fat & toxins seem to be closely linked. Best of luck to you.

  • Why do American put butter everywhere?! That is so unhealthy!
    I'm italian. A regular family like mine, will consume those two big pieces of butter in months! You consume in one week and you tell that you do low carb diet?! You better read some book, or read better books if you already have red something…
    Two big box of cream? May be you are consuming those in more than two people, but you should cut those kind of fat if you want to make more healthy living…
    If you don't wanna do more healthy living is kind of counter-producting do this kind of 'diet'. Less carbs and more junk? No good… I don't see any point in that actually…
    A normal women with low daily phisical activity, should consume less then 2000kal per day.
    Butter has 750kal every 100g.
    Extra virgin olive oil is the best thing.
    It has fat, but good fat.
    I suggest you to read up about this. And more about healthy food and living…
    Good luck.


  • I am soooooo hungry after viewing your video…….my compliments!

  • I get you! You go girl!

  • Great channel. Just subscribed. 🙂

  • Love your video. How are you doing now? I started the low carb lifestyle about a month ago. My waist looks smaller, but I have no scale lol

  • You ~ Rock ! !

  • These videos over 2 yrs how you doing now???