LOW CARB DIET | Favorites of the Week 2

I found 2 more products that fit perfectly into my low carb lifestyle!
I love sharing products with you through Chats With Kat!
So… here they are! My low carb diet favorites of the week!

1. Mission1 Protein Bars – Check them out here:

2. Ortega Whole Grain Taco Shells – Check them out here:

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LOW CARB DIET Favorites of the Week 2 – check out my other Chats with Kat to see what other products I like!
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  • Thanks Kat!!!! I am new to the low carb diet so I appreciate every tip I can get!!! Surprisingly enough I miss vegetables more than anything haha!

  • i like how u find new low carb items….did u go keto or low carb?

  • just found you. You do a very good job on your videos. Im listening to a bunch of them today. you are concise and I appreciate no swearing!! If you could come up with a popcorn substitute, my husband would be grateful. we have tried pork rinds and nuts etc. keep up the great work:)

  • thanks so much. enjoying your videos

  • I thought i understood the low carb diet. Clearly i do not because you subtracted the carbs by the fiber. Can you please explain to me how eating low carbs work. I am prediabetic and I'm on 35 years old. I trying to learn how to eat better. I feel like I'm cheating myself some how.

  • Sense I'm just now starting really how many carbs you think I should start off per day? I am 5.7 218 lbs and 35 years old I am anemic and pre-diabetic and I have a horrible digestive system if that matters.

  • Starting out, how many carbs can I have per day

  • Tim

    Thanks for sharing.  I tried the Mission 1 Clean Protein Bar Chocolate Brownie.. It was awesome at only 4 net carbs, and it DID NOT knock me out of Ketosis. 🙂  Thanks again

  • Tim

    Ok.. Just made me some tacos with the Ortega Whole Grain Taco Shells..  OMG !!! I missed tacos so much and these are awesome.  I will let you know tomorrow if they affected my Ketosis 🙂

  • Thank you,your video gave me some kind of Hope.I lost all control. my biggest problem is my carbs.My belly is getting so big.so I decided I'm going to try low carb foods.I'm going to try 25 cards.wish me luck.I'll be watching

  • I love your channel……thank you so much for all your delicious ideas and recipes!!

  • I have a crazy question as I am new to this and am all on board with the low carb as I feel so much better. My question is what if for example I ate a bagel and then had a fiber supplement ? Is this the same scenario as say the muscletech bar that had the low net carbs due to the high fiber ?

  • Tim

    I was using these for a while.  But….   It seems like 1/2 the shells in the package were always broke.  Fast Forward.. I found Kroger Brand Taco Shells with Nacho Cheese seasoning with 12 Carbs for 2 shells (10 Net Carbs)  That's 5 carbs per shell.   Never broke and tasted awesome.   Yes.. I LOVE my tacos.

  • Nice find!!!

  • How many carbs did you allow yourself back in the day when you were losing your weight. I picked up the book "The ten" and now I'm confused. How many carbs, how many fats, and how many grams of protein?? I would like to find a easy low carb book that I  can have somebody explain it to me. Thanks for your great videos.