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Part 3 of 3. presents – Low Carb Diet: Change Your Life 2014! This is the AFTERNOON session in HD video from camera 1.

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Abbreviated Session 3 Topics Include:

There Are Two Kinds of Doctors – In hour 1 we discussed all the doctors that are proponents of the low carb diet for health. Almost every one of these doctors had a personal experience which convinced them of the power and success of this kind of eating. Then, from their personal experience, they began recommending the diet to their patients and friends. That is one kind of doctor – the kind who has had a personal experience with LCHF (like me). The other kind of doctor only knows the “standard medical advice” of “eat more whole grains.” Unfortunately this is a diet that makes you sicker and fatter, but this is what all doctors were taught. This is the second kind of doctor – the kind who has not had a personal experience. Don’t take it too hard on this kind of doc. It is not their fault. In fact, you can be a positive, educative experience for him through your success.

Low Carb Diet and Atherosclerosis – Lots of people worry that consuming less carbohydrates and more healthy saturated fats on a low carb diet will lead to atherosclerosis (vascular disease leading to heart attack and stroke). There are many risk factors for atherosclerosis, and a low carb diet improves nearly all of them that can be improved including: diabetes, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, obesity, inflammatory markers, lipoprotein a, the metabolic syndrome, low HDL, and hypertriglyceridemia. There is no pill (no drug) on the market today that can improve all those risk factors at once. Instead, there is one simple change in diet that can, Cut the Killer Carbs.

The subconscious reprogramming meditations work by repetition directly to your subconscious mind, bypassing the thinking or conscious mind. By doing the meditations at a time when you are relaxed and will not be disturbed, you calm your conscious mind allow access to the deeper portions of the brain. Here certain unhealthy dietary beliefs can be slowly erased through repetition, and new healthy beliefs can be implanted the same way. By working directly with the subconscious, and side-stepping the conscious mind, you can implement your low carb diet without having to use will power and without feeling deprived.

Guest Speaker Mark Hall, MD – After discussions with two other doctors in town, Dr. Mark Hall decided to try a wheat free, gluten free diet. The health benefits were unexpected. First Dr. Hall’s chronic back pain, which had been present since a car accident 20 year ago vanished. Second, Dr. Hall’s high blood pressure which had previously been treated with three medications vanished (and so did the pills). Finally his weight improved, as expected. As a pediatrician, Dr. Hall recommends a wheat-free, gluten free diet to parents of children who are motivated and could benefit from this regimen.

A Note on Probiotics – One thing I have learned is that there’s alway more to learn. My medical training taught me a lot about the human body, drugs, and disease. Education on a healthy low carb diet was lacking and I’ve been making that up the last three years. Also there was no education on probiotics. However, the number of bacteria that live in and on our bodies actually outnumber the cells of our bodies. These bacteria have many functions, but one is the proper digestion of food. When my daughter was born, she had colic for 4 months with abnormal stools until she was started on probiotics which eliminated the colic completely. Adults too can benefit from probiotics as a part of a general wellness regimen.

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