Low Carb Day | Full Day of Eating

As you guys may know by now I am carb cycling to balance my hormones and lean down for summer!
Check out my low carb day!!

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  • Damn counting grams and calories must be stressful hahha thanks to my vegan planet based diets i eat and i don't care lol .

  • Saaaaass, I am sick at home so I just sit here watching your old videos. You looked so sad back then and I am so happy for you that you got over the breakup, managed to enjoy yourself, reached your fitness goals during 2016… oh and of course that you found Kurt 😂😅 You are a blessing for the youtube community and you deserve all the best. Kisses from Germany 😘

  • Habit carb fat management

  • Thanks for this vid

  • Had she ever mentioned what her carb intake in grams is ?

  • What do you usually eat on a high carb day?

  • Hey girl! You are awesome! Question: do you only count carbs from complex carbs or do you even count the carbs from almonds, avocados, etc?

  • Finally! Bet you've heard that a million times lol. Well great channel and awesome voice, very pretty just awesome all around! 🤗 This channel should have Lot more subscribed 🍻

  • OMG I'M SO HAPPY I FOUND YOUR CHANNEL! I'm also on the low carb diet

  • My friends first introduced me to the diet "fizy amazing plan", and i also googled it. I actually first discovered about it from my good friends and I can`t believe how much it has improved my life. I have lost 14 lbs so far and I feel good.

  • Really enjoy your videos. I subb'd. Love to follow you around your day 🙂

  • Do you have advice for low carb days on a vegan diet? 🙂
    Thanks inspiring beauty!

  • Excellent fitness video. I was wondering, if I buy black shorts, instead of those vividly colored cute ones, will I still lose weight?

  • how often do you eat low carb?

  • The comments are cancer. High carb is not the answer for everyone, chill tf out.

  • does it matter what kind of carbs you have

  • In Germany they still have Almond Milk NOWHERE….

  • Fasting lowers our metabolic rate.I don't think it's ok to promote something like that.Idk

  • I am sure the best diet ebooks you can download from Woo&Pep website .

  • How do you find out which eating habits are best for you? What steps can I take to figure out what is best for me? Please make a video about this I have been curious. Love your videos<3

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  • We have Gloria Jeans in the states. I worked at one in high school.

  • Girl, you're so adorable and seem so sweet!

  • I had no idea they had Gloria Jeans where you live!!! I thought it was an American coffee shop!! It's my favorite coffee place ever.

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  • Hey Sarah, could you do a video about pcos and how you live with it? 🙂 That would be so helpful, I've also been diagnosed with it 🙁 I love you and your videos, your're amazing! 🙂 :*

  • love your videos. Where your pink mug from? Its so cute!

  • love all your videos, you inspire me so much!

  • I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who has trouble sticking to a low carb day!!!! ugh!!! I try so hard.

  • Where is that Lululemon – it's huge! <3

  • Sarah! LOVE your channel, you are so entertaining and full of knowledge, i love it. keep it up girl!

  • But low carb is the best way to go honestly
    I feel so light and the scale is liking it so well I been low carb for a couple days , today was bad because I ate candy but I did have nuts in with the chocolate and ice cream and huge ass cookie 😭, but yesterday I was so good.

  • its weird not seeing her with Kurt

  • why fasting till 1

  • It's so weird coming back to older videos and seeing how much you've changed, especially you're eating habits! Very inspiring ❤️