LOW CARB BULKING! Physique Update | Journey to the Stage Episode 24

Shane McDonald here, Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer. Utilizing a science based approach to diet and training, aswel as an old-school hardcore mentality in the gym, my aim is to show you how to build your best body possible, and how to enjoy the process. No bull, just the facts!

1 to 1 personal training is available in Ireland. Online packages are also available. Contact me via:



EMAIL: muscleeire@gmail.com



  • sick physique. inspiration, subbed

  • Cool workout, like the edit

  • Awesome content pal. Channels soon to blow! Whats your intro tune?

  • Just found you, cool vid! Liked and subbed! I also just started my fitness YouTube channel, check it out if you can!

  • Idk why you don't have more views and subs. All of your videos has quality and very informational. Subbed.

  • doing bits cous keep it up

  • Just found you. Also from Ireland its weird to see Irish people on here lol, is that a Cork accent I hear? haha nice videos man