Low Carb Bulking Diet — Shopping Trip

Larry Scott’s Low-Carb Bulking Diet Macros:

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I just went to the store to get what I need for my high-fat / low-carb bulking diet.

It is based upon Vince Gironda’s “all protein muscle building diet” and the bulking diet that Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia followed in the off season.

Here’s what I eat in a day and the total of what it costs:
2 cups cottage cheese $1.43
1 lb steak $3.29
16 fl oz half & half $0.75
approx. 1/4 stick butter $0.06
4 eggs $0.33
2 servings milk & egg protein powder $2.00

  • great video 🙂 love your cat!!!

  • how often would you recommend refeeding if you're not lean yet? like every 2-3 weeks

  • Great video, very informative.

    Also, cute cat! You gotta bring him back in again next time

  • I went low carb and I did a lot of running, but I was tired. Now I add weights and I added maybe more carbs than I want and I'm not losing fat, but I'm afraid I'll be tired being low carb and doing weights but my weight has stalled 🙁