LLVLC On YouTube: Yes, There Is Low-Carb Fruit (Episode 2)

Popular LivinLaVidaLowCarb.com blogger Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine are off and running on their new YouTube video series and today’s show is on the subject of fruit on a low-carb diet. Jimmy acts rather “fruity” as Christine explains which fruits are better for people on the Atkins low-carb diet.

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  • Another great video, you two!! I love it!! You make livin la vida lowcarb look like so much fun and it's great you are doing together. Keep the videos coming. And thank you so much for your encouragement. Because of you I think I can really do Atkins and lose it all.

  • sorry, I meant to rate great!

  • great video jimmy! so i assume you're off of kimkins now right?

    and i've come to the conclusion, that low-carb (or better termed, smartcarb) is any diet that takes out starches and grains from the diet. grains/starches offery very little benefits to humans, while fruits contain a ton of phytonutrients and vitamins/minerals, etc. \

  • Maybe it's just me, but I can't hear Christine's voice very well. Maybe the music is too loud(?) God bless both of you.

  • Great show. Can you tell us how you make some of your protein shakes? Would love the info. Thanks.

  • I love cantalope. Great video!

  • hey jimmy!!…i have a question…i love crab and cream cheese wontons do you have any idea how to substitute the skin for some "low carb skin"?

  • umm..i believe its made out of some type of flour and oil and usually comes in a pack and cut into small squares.

  • sounds good i'll exeperiment w/that thanks 🙂

  • I've been reading the atkins book and I thought you couldn't eat fruit during induction? You're saying it's ok or only after induction?

  • still catching up,,good vid here, loved the mouth wipe on shirt lol..I lost 88 lbs doing low carb (1st time around),but am again doing low carb.

  • Thank you thank you thank you! My best friend has done Atkins Induction and maintenence in the past and is back on induction to lose a bit more and I decided to join her. Your vids give me hope and I have made it to week 3! 🙂 I am feeling so much better–no more carb haze, brain drunk on sugar..Thanks for your ideas!!! Huggs!

  • Jimmy, its your biggest fan Redneck500 again, I just got done watching this video. I totally agree, when your not shoving all that junk in your body, food like the cantaloupe is just DEE-Lish-I-ous 😀

  • Hi I want to say thanks for your vids they are very helpful. Then a question what type of protein shake do you use & do you drink those anytime or meal replacement ? thanks

  • I love getting the frozen Blackberries!

  • can i have apples

  • i was wondering.. did u watch the video Atkins diet warning here on youtube by Matt Stone? eh… Robert Atkins DiD Warn Us AGAINST dieting..

  • The best fruits for low-carbers are lower-GI fruits (for better glycemic control) in moderation.

    Berries and Cherries are best for low-GI fruit with tremendous nutrients/anti-oxidants. But as a low-carb diabetic I also enjoy 1/2 a granny smith apple or other moderate servings of fruit every now and again.

  • me too, honey. You still on Atkins?

  • Hey Jimmy , I wish I could reach you and Kent Altena to have some conversation on facebook. unfortunately , I haven´t found profiles of neither you nor Kent on Facebook, only some pages there.

  • We're both on Facebook under our names. You can email me anytime Maria at livinlowcarbman at charter dote net.

  • My husband bought your book "KETO CLARITY" . we're just learning about it now. We're both in our 70's. My Hubby has had weight=loss surgery and has already lost quit a lot of weight already. When we were on Atkins and the "Protein Power" diet we did lose weight but we had health issues, like constipation and Don's BP went way to high and ended up in the hospital. He wasn't feeling so well this morning and was dizzy. I think he is needing to stick to the diet and do it right. He loves those yogurts with fruit and they do have sugar. He has said he is stub urn about foods he likes. I love things he hates like greens like collards, beet greens and such. Our daughter lives close and is doing the KETO DIET AND SHE loves it! Don is trying to get his friend to eat butter and not eat "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"! Daves's wife says it's good and he's afraid of his wife! You two are great together! I don't care much for the music and can watch only so much at a time. I'm hyper sensitive to sounds. I have super hearing.