LLVLC On YouTube: Are Calories Really That Important On A Low-Carb Diet? (Episode 71)

blogger Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine decided to address the issue of calories and their importance on the healthy low-carb lifestyle in the latest installment of their popular “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb on YouTube” series.

In Episode 71, Jimmy and Christine talk about whether it is the quantity of calories or the quality of the calories you consume that matters most when you are eating low-carb (or any nutritional approach designed for weight loss for that matter). Although fat has more than twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrate or protein, the nutrient-density of that fat calories will keep your appetite suppressed and hunger under control much more efficiently than consuming large amounts of carbs which actually stimulate insulin leading to hunger pangs shortly after eating them.

Jimmy cites a fantastic book written by low-carb physician Dr. James E. Carlson called “GENOCIDE: How Your Doctor’s Dietary Ignorance Will Kill You!” that you really ought to pick up a copy of for your personal healthy library:

In Chapter 6 of his book, Dr. Carlson explains why the idea of “burning” calories is mistaken and that in the grand scheme of nutrition the calorie is completely irrelevant. One patient was eating 2,000 calories a day and exercising, but could not lose weight. Dr. Carlson switched him to a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb nutritional approach consuming upwards of 6,000-8,000 calories daily without changing his exercise routine and LOST weight. While many of the so-called health “experts” want to deny there is a metabolic advantage to low-carb eating, the fact is people CAN consume MORE calories (mainly fat and protein) and shed the pounds. It happens all the time to those of us who are livin’ la vida low-carb!

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  • Bwahaha …. great episode guys. You tell em brother.

  • I love running 5 miles a day and I have thought about trying low carb living to drop the last 15 pounds I want to lose but I can't get my head arouind the idea of cutting carbs that far back….

  • Apart from coconut oil and butter (real butter), what are the best sources of fat to consume? I've lost 30 lbs., just need to lose about 10 more.

  • Yes i was doing low-carb and gaining why i was overeating–yikes.

  • I really enjoyed this and it's something I've been struggling with trying to come off of a low fat/low cal diet to LC – I did it for a day and felt guilty and went back to being hungry….I have to change this mindset, but it's so hard! This video really helped me!

  • Great video, but the levels on your vocal need some adjusting : /

  • Yes, there is "clipping" where if the audio input level is set too high, the peaks and valleys on the sound wave get cut off and it sounds like buzzing. The audio input level needs to be dropped somewhat to prevent this.

  • Dude, Bolivar Central High? As in Tennessee?

  • Wow, I'm in Jackson,TN. How long u been in SC?

  • Jimmy,
    Great information about he calories. It's good to know that if your hungry you should eat some atkins acceptable foods. I really stopped looking for calories in foods since I started back in Janruary. Have a great day. See you on facebook buddy.
    Lenny G.

    This answered all my questions. And gave me confidence in my low carb diet choice, I found that this type of diet works best for me, but some Calrioes in, calories out people were making me doubt my descion, THANKS again.

  • I eat lots lard:)

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  • Im glad I found this video jimmy because I was going to message you and ask you why I eat so little lately and feel so (NOT HUNGRY) I am not used to feeling like that. I think yesterday for breakfast I had 4 pieces of link sausage and 3 eggs, then for dinner chickenbreast with some melted cheese on top and some cut up cold vegetables with ranch dressing, and I felt full all day long. Now I am at work and its 5am, and Im not even hungry!! Ive already lost around 15 lbs since I started!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL, when I loose all my weight, im gonna sell my story to you and be a millionaire, and I can be famous like that Jared Kid LOL 😀

  • I've got serious doubts about any kind of high calorie diet being a good idea, even it's all or mostly low carb calories. However I'm going to do some further reading on it.

    As for presentation however, I found that to be most obnoxious and if I could rate negative stars for this video I would.

  • Yall are so fun to watch:) I love your videos, you are very informant as well as entertaining…its great, keep it up

  • thats exactly what my friend Zoe Harcombe says on her videos!! Check her out!! she is fab!!

  • jgragal!! tottaly agree with u!!we can only store fat if we got insulin available!! Thats what my friend Zoe Harcombe explains on her videos and books!

  • Wow…Christine looks so cute. That dude on the right ain't half bad, either. lol
    Love the shades Homie =o)

  • The best way to achieve low caloric consumption, in the LONG RUN, is to have most of those limited calories come from fat/protein because fat/protein keep you satiated longer, while carbs don't keep you satiated, and actually stimulate your hunger, due to its effect on blood sugar and hormones. The irony is that it is the low fat advocates, who are the most vocal advocates of low calorie diets, who have the hardest time restricting calories because of hunger induced by lack of fat/protein.

  • When I did the low carb diet back in 2007, I never worried about calories, protein grams, fat grams, artificial sweetners like aspartame in diet soda, and I was able to enjoy processed meats like bacon very often. I lost weight without any effort. That was one of the happiest times of my life. I lost weight without worrying about anything but carbs and was able to go on with my day knowing each week I would be 3+ lbs lighter.

  • I just want want to thank you for answering a question that I have been confused about. I googled different key words and wasnt able to find an answer to how low carbing (20g of net carbs per day) & eating 3000-4000 calories per day would still allow me to lose weight. Im new to low carb & this is the amount that makes me feel full, so I was concerned that it was way too much calories. Im more at ease now thanks to your video. I will definitly be reading the book you suggested.

  • I constantly argue with my grandmother about is very topic! She's very old school and traditional when it comes to dieting. I eat eggs bacon burgers without the buns of course lol and she constantly tells me that I am going to gain weight, a month later I lost 30 pounds. After seeing that I lost the way she so stubborn she speaking with the Jenny Craig/ Weight Watchers bird servings low fat high carb crease. Some people are just stuck in there ways lol

  • +1  great video!! i've been starving like crazy trying to follow a low calorie diet…back to low carb i go!!!!

  • Wow just wow….

  • hahaha Great stuff!!!